Installing a Urethane Cement Battery Charging Floor in a Food Distribution Plant

As a leading commercial/industrial epoxy flooring contractor, we love installing durable new epoxy floors for our clients. Read on to learn about a recent project!

The owner of this busy food processing plant maintains over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space. After previously hiring PennCoat to install both a 9,000 square foot and 2,200 square foot battery charging floor, the owner again chose PennCoat to complete a 900 square foot “mini charging area.”

Surface preparation for this project included diamond grinding with a 30” PrepMaster machine, followed by installing ½” keyed edges at all transitions. 

The coating system included a 20mil urethane cement primer, 125mil urethane cement underlayment, and after careful detailing, a 10mil self-leveling epoxy intermediate coat.  

After pre-cutting to address the control joints, our technicians completed the system with a high-wearing, chemical resistant, moisture-cured urethane topcoat. To complete the system, white non-yellowing Polysiloxane 18” rat lines were installed, followed by addressing the joints with 3/8” backer rod and gray matching flexible epoxy joint filler.

Check out the image gallery below to see the process and the results on this unique project.

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