Epoxy Flooring, Painting & Safety Floor Markers
for Stadiums & Arenas

At PennCoat, we help facility, property and building managers keep their stadiums and arenas safe, clean and looking sharp while maintaining visual workplace and 5S standards. From line striping and safety floor markers to industrial painting and epoxy floor coatings, we’re a specialty contractor who can overhaul your property quickly and safely — on time and on budget. We’re also trained to work in unique commercial and industrial environments, which means we can provide a complete one-stop solution that will help your stadium or arena look and function at its best.

Our safety-trained, professionally dressed team of painting and flooring experts know what to look for in order to recommend the best flooring, painting or safety floor marking solutions for your stadium or arena. From pits, chips and cracks to stains, rust and peeling machinery, our experts can provide a complete facility overhaul to promote maximum cleanliness, organization and safety for you, your employees and your visitors. In addition, you can rely on our dedication to safety even when working in complex, unique commercial and industrial settings.

Explore how we can help keep your stadium or arena operating safely and looking its best below, and contact us today to learn more.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Stadiums, arenas and other event centers require safe, durable flooring systems that can withstand extremely high levels of foot traffic. From locker rooms with floors that might be covered in bacteria and post-shower water to concession areas with high temperatures and kitchen equipment to concourse areas that might see thousands of people at one time, PennCoat offers long-lasting, nonslip epoxy flooring options that are specifically designed for these environments.

Industrial Painting

From concession and kitchen areas, balconies and elevator lobbies to structural steel, locker rooms and concourse areas, there are plenty of areas in your stadium or arena that might benefit from a fresh coat of paint. At PennCoat, our industrial painting services can also help to protect against rust and corrosion as well as protect your facility from both outdoor and indoor elements — and we can complete the job with minimal disruption to your business.

Line Striping

Line striping is critical throughout every stadium and arena, especially when it comes to the safety of pedestrians and drivers that traverse your property daily. It can also help to create a smooth flow of traffic for visitors who might meander around the concourse or between concession stands, and it indicates handicapped access for patrons. Whether you’re looking to refresh old, dull paint or you’re in need of a brand new paint job, the highly trained crews at PennCoat can help.

Safety Floor Markers

When it comes to keeping your stadium or arena safe, there’s no better way to ensure your visitors enjoy themselves and remain injury-free than to invest in safety floor markers. From warning signs about slippery areas in the concourse kitchens to signs that indicate parking regulations and hazardous walkways, our team provides high-quality, comprehensive safety floor marking solutions.

Ready to Start?

At PennCoat, we are an Avetta-trusted, ISN member company that has the ability to plan, prep and complete your project with minimal impact to your operation. We provide consistent, ongoing safety training to every member of our team, and we take pride in each job we do. So if you’re looking to work with a specialty contractor who can keep your stadium or arena running as safely and efficiently as possible, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!