Epoxy Flooring, Painting & Safety Floor Markers
for Food Manufacturing Facilities

At PennCoat, we are more than a specialty contractor who coats floors and paints walls; our safety-conscious professionals are dedicated to helping our clients minimize risks while maintaining visual workplace and 5S standards. From eliminating contamination and cleaning plant machinery to preventing corrosion and rust and controlling mold and bacteria, we have the experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently with minimal impact to your operation.

Even better, our highly-trained team of painting and flooring experts can recommend the best solution for your food and beverage manufacturing facility. We understand the unique set of challenges you face as a food manufacturing facility, which is why PennCoat offers a variety of durable flooring options as well as commercial/industrial painting services. Whether you’re in need of a quick repair or a complete facility overhaul, our safety-conscious team can help.

Explore how our professionally dressed, safety-trained and courteous professionals can help keep your food manufacturing facility operating safely and looking its best below, and contact us today for more information.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Sugars, dairy products, animal fats and vegetable oils all contain acids that can gradually wear away standard epoxy floors. In addition, your flooring is likely exposed to disinfectants, harsh cleaners, food processing chemicals and other products that can eat away your floors. Whether you’re in need of an epoxy resurfacing due to prior damage or you’re looking to protect your floors from forklifts, dragged crates or heavily-loaded carts, we can recommend a durable, long-lasting epoxy floor coating solution for your unique operation.

Industrial Painting

If you’ve noticed peeling paint in your walk-in freezers, on your machinery or around your facility, chances are you’re in need of industrial painting to get your equipment back up to proper working order. With frequent high-pressure hosing, extreme temperatures and a consistently-moist environment, we know that your floors, ceilings and equipment must be durable enough to stand up to harsh situations — and we have the products, technology and experience to help.

Line Striping

Clear floor markings and line striping like safety floor markers and forklift traffic lanes can help your food and beverage manufacturing facility to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. At PennCoat, we offer three types of long-lasting, durable line striping materials, including solvent and acrylic paint, polyaspartic coating and solvent epoxy. Our dedicated team can work with you to determine your line striping needs, prep the area and complete the job quickly and with minimal disruption.

Safety Floor Markers

Safety floor markers are critical to keeping your food manufacturing facility running safely, smoothly and efficiently — especially when you’re dealing with wet, slippery and potentially unsafe conditions. Here at PennCoat, our safety-conscious crews use the latest paint technology and strategic color combinations to paint safety markings on your floors, walkways and aisles, thus helping you to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries while boosting productivity.

Ready to Start?

With ongoing safety training, dedicated project managers and the ability to plan, prep and complete your project with minimal disruption to your business, we’re standing by to help. So if you’re in need of a specialty contractor to keep your food manufacturing facility running as efficiently and as safely as possible, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!