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Industrial Safety – Avoid Breathing Airborne Toxins and Debris

Safety Precautions When Using Industrial Paints or Grinding Concrete
Whether you’re applying new coatings, or you’re preparing concrete to receive fresh epoxy or urethane cement, there are numerous factors to consider before beginning the work.  And one of the biggest factors is how to sustain air quality.
Grinding Concrete:
Grinding concrete is an important step for installing epoxy.  But when you grind the concrete, you release silicates into the air.  And these silicates can cause serious damage to your lungs, including cancer.
Here […]


PennCoat’s Monthly Safety Review: Ladders

Most of the antics in this video are inaccurate demonstrations of how responsible contractors and handymen use their ladders.  However, it does provide a valuable insight of how easy it is to neglect safety hazards and become a victim of improper ladder use.
When painting buildings, corrugated ceiling, structural steel, and anything else related to facility substrates, ladder use is very common.   And what comes hand in hand with improper ladder use is an element of danger for the […]


PennCoat Eliminates Safety Hazards at Job Sites

PennCoat Eliminates Safety Hazards at Job Sites 
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Success or failure of any business is influenced by innumerable factors; some are direct while some indirect. Although the degree to which any of these factors influences a business may vary, these factors cannot be overlooked completely. From choosing the right location to maintaining safe working environment, keeping machinery in order to assessing and managing risks, every business needs to keep and maintain a safety check-list on all factors that affect […]