PennCoat Eliminates Safety Hazards at Job Sites

penncoat safety team
PennCoat Safety Team

Success or failure of any business is influenced by innumerable factors; some are direct while some indirect. Although the degree to which any of these factors influences a business may vary, these factors cannot be overlooked completely. From choosing the right location to maintaining safe working environment, keeping machinery in order to assessing and managing risks, every business needs to keep and maintain a safety check-list on all factors that affect their work in both positive and negative ways.  No matter which sector a company belongs to or how big or small its premises are, it has to adhere to the safety regulations set by the authorities. Just like pharmaceutical industries need to follow the pharmaceutical manufacturing standards or a food industry needs to follow food manufacturing standards, each industry has to follow safety regulations prescribed for that industry too.

PennCoat creates a custom safety plan for each different job.  Whether PennCoat is installing epoxy floor, industrial or commercial paint, or sand blasting, PennCoat’s safety committee surveys and observes each specific location, to ensure that no hazards will occur during installation.

Every workplace is volatile to innumerable risks and safety hazards, mainly due to the nature of processes and confined spaces. Most common workplace hazards are due to extreme temperatures, radiation, chemicals, explosions, drug exposure and falls from high elevations. Also, with different people working, the probability of human error, potential harm and freak accidents is also high. Hence, every company must prepare themselves to face untoward situations or unexpected situations that may result in injury, illness or even death. Every company must conduct a risk assessment for their workplace and identify hazards that pose danger to them. Even small steps taken can go a long way in ensuring workplace safety. Here are few tips and tricks for maintaining safety at workplace and reducing hazards –

  • Safety should be taken into consideration right from the design of workplace. While planning the layout or floor plan of the workplace identify the spots or areas that pose danger and plan accordingly. Ensure that the route to emergency equipments like fire extinguishers as well as fire exists clear and uncluttered.
  • Mark areas that are dangerous, but also put warning signs like ‘Concentrated chemicals’ inside or ‘Wear masks before entering’ to provide reminder to employees. Safety signs, tags and stickers should be placed at locations where they are easily visible.
  • Always keep a checklist whether the workers are wearing protective gear including gloves, goggles, jackets and other things that is necessary for their safety. Though the need of safety gear changes with the type of job, simply providing them to the workers is not enough. You need to make sure they are being used properly and effectively.
  • While considering colors, make sure you use light colors for the workplace. Even though you may put sufficient electric lights to keep the area lighted, having light colored walls is always better. Light colors are known to bring a positive influence on moods of individuals and will indirectly help in reducing stress levels of employees. Go for a commercial painting service for the job.
  • No matter how thorough of an analysis, there are chances that some safety points are missed out.  Hence, encourage your employees to point safety loop holes and act on them immediately.

Safety comes first, and it should not be taken lightly. For any company to be successful, it is important that the employees are motivated and inspired, with low levels of tension and stress. Ensuring a safe workplace is the first step in achieving this environment!

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