Commercial Painting Contractors

Scaffolding Safety Tips

Painters, window washers and construction workers frequently use scaffolding in their work. If you are a worker in these jobs or others that use supports, you must do regular check-ins with your safety knowledge.
Whether you’ve never used scaffolding before or have a long history of use, reviewing safety rules will ensure you don’t forget any steps when setting up and using the device. The best way to prevent falls from working at heights is to start with a thorough […]


Applying Architectural Commercial Coatings in Universities and Commercial Buildings

Architectural coatings can increase the visual atmosphere of commercial settings.  But they can also have a specific function depending on their application.

Visual impact is the most common improvement that’s expected by the general public.  And although that’s a reasonable assumption, commercial coatings can offer benefits other than improved aesthetics.
We were asked to coat steel in an institutional facility.  This steel consisted of tube steel and stair components such as stringers and pickets in the stair railings.  And although it’s […]


UV Resistant and Corrossion Resistant Coatings

Even in the harsh, New Jersey coastal environment, the proper industrial coatings can prevent equipment corrosion, and help maintain a clean appearance and work area.  But that industrial coating system requires qualified industrial and commercial painting contractors to install these specialized systems.
It’s known that preparation is the most important step in any painting project.  But in addition to this critical step, it’s just as important to know which coating system to apply in each specific situation.  Interior substrates require […]


What’s The Difference Between Solvents?

The painting world is filled with very sticky material.  And that sticky paint can be very difficult to clean off.  So there are plenty of solvents used by commercial painting contractors to help clean their tools.
From denatured alcohol, to mineral spirits, to turpentine, to xylene.  These are all solvents frequently used by commercial or industrial painting contractors.  But knowing which solvent to use can be perplexing.
And the reason is that there are many different types of paints.  From alkyds, […]


Painting Industrial Silos

Tanks and silos are common structures found adjacent to many facilities.  And just like every exterior structure, it can become weathered and corroded when exposed to the outdoor environments.  But commercial painting contractors have the experience and knowledge to specify which industrial paint will prevent further corrosion, and withstand constant exposure to rain and sun light.
Due to their placement, tanks and silos can take a beating from mother nature.  The constant water can cause coatings to delaminate from the […]


Painting Commercial Wash Room Ceilings

Industrial wash rooms experience a lot of heat, moisture, and chemicals.  All of which have corrosive elements that can deteriorate coatings and substrates.  So here’s the coating application used by commercial painting contractors to increase the longevity of the substrate and paint system.

Industrial washrooms are subjected to abusive conditions.  Hot water, mold, and corrosive cleaning agents.  Collectively, all of these elements can be pretty damning for industrial coatings.
But despite all of these challenges, there is application techniques and material that can be applied […]


The benefits of Glass Broadcast Beads

Shooting lines is a common application procedure for commercial painting contractors.  Sometimes those lines are installed in a warehouse facility.  And other times, they are installed in parking lots.  But in some situations, those lines need to be highly visible.  And in those instances, reflective glass beads will greatly improve their visibility.

And there are 2 common locations that receive these glass beads: airport runways, or major road ways.
Reflective Traffic Beads for Roadways
All major roadways require a TTP-1325 Type 1 glass […]


Commercial Painters Accessing Difficult Areas

One of the biggest challenges facing commercial and industrial painters is accessibility.  But no matter how difficult or tight the access, the commercial painting or industrial painting project needs to get completed.
Most often, when a a typical citizens hears the phrase “difficult access,” they might initially think about heights.  And most of the time, that person could be correct.
Heights are one of the largest challenges painters face.  Are you painting a ceiling with piping, duct work, and conduit in the way?  Or do you […]


Warehouse Floor Painting Contractors Need To Be Qualified and Experienced

Too many things can go wrong with commercial and industrial flooring applications.  But when a proper warehouse floor painting contractor is selected, then the customer can expect a long-lasting coating that can perform in each environment.
In places like Maryland and Pennsylvania, It’s easy to think that any coating application can be applied: just open up a can of paint, and slap it onto the concrete.  But if the process takes that little thought, then the end product is going to leave […]


Make Colors Last With The Proper Commercial Paint Application

Faded paint is an eye-soar.  And the culprit is almost always exposure to ultra-violet rays.  However, the sun light isn’t always the culprit.  Sometimes it’s moisture, but many times it is the commercial painter applying the incorrect paint.  So here are the best paints to use if considering exterior painting.
What Causes Paint to Fade?
Before we can serve you the best product recommendation, we’re going to first touch on what actually causes paint to fade.  And although it might be easy to […]