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What’s The Difference Between Solvents?

The painting world is filled with very sticky material.  And that sticky paint can be very difficult to clean off.  So there are plenty of solvents used by commercial painting contractors to help clean their tools.
From denatured alcohol, to mineral spirits, to turpentine, to xylene.  These are all solvents frequently used by commercial or industrial painting contractors.  But knowing which solvent to use can be perplexing.
And the reason is that there are many different types of paints.  From alkyds, […]


Grouting Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is one of the most durable, and reflective flooring finishes.  But achieving that level of sheen is challenging when the existing slab is coated.

Firstly, polished concrete utilizes the existing concrete slab.  Which can be great for new facilities.  It eliminates the need for epoxy coatings or trowel applied material.
And when the concrete slab is new, it would be very easy to polish the floor.  But when the slab is old, coated, and deteriorated, then the entire process will require much […]


Common PPE’s for Facility Painting & Epoxy Flooring

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s) is one of the most important pieces of equipment that should be at every job site.  It offers salubrious benefits, and helps maintain everyone’s safety.  Different jobs require different PPE’s.  Here’s a run-down of the most commonly used PPE’s for all of our commercial painting, industrial painting, and epoxy flooring projects:

Bump Cap/Hard Hat –

Our job environments don’t always require bump caps or hard hats.  When working in office areas, or clean rooms, or warehouses, it’s uncommon […]


Cleaning Polished Concrete

Cleaning Polished Concrete
PennCoat, Inc. installs beautiful Polished concrete floors that require zero coatings, and utilize the color and aggregate embedded within the concrete.  They leave a high gloss sheen that can create a presentable facility, that also improves light reflection within the building.  Additionally, polished concrete floors are very maintenance friendly, that doesn’t involve the upkeep that typical epoxy or urethane cement floors demand.  Here is a polished concrete floor that PennCoat recently installed.
But what are these low-maintenance requirements?  There are […]


Sweeping the Concrete Floor with Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has become a popular flooring option for many commercial and industrial environments.   it provides a presentable finish, that improves lighting due to increased reflection, and also offers an easy to clean, coating-free, flooring solution for many industrial and commercial environments that are not looking for a coating.
However, regardless of the impressive presentation, the work and effort required to install the polished concrete floors vastly outweigh the ease of impression.  Recently, PennCoat, Inc. installed a 19,000 square […]


Benefits of Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete and its desirable side effects
Polished concrete is becoming a trendy flooring option for industrial, commercial, and even residential locations.  It’s durability, ease-of-maintenance, and improved ambient lighting all increase the value of the floor and its performance.  Polished concrete floors are gaining traction in some of the most industrial and commercial areas in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.  The most popular counties include Baltimore, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Chester, Dauphin, and other within the region.  Here are 4 […]


Varying Grades of Polished Concrete – PennCoat, Inc.

When a polished concrete floor is installed, the owner receiving the service can expect a low-maintenance floor that produces a radiant sheen that reflects light throughout the room.
But besides these 2 desired features, a polished concrete floor will vary from concrete slab to concrete slab.  There are many variables that can alter the final appearance of the floor.  And because of this, there are varying grades and standards that each site owner should know prior to installing the polished […]


Polished Concrete in Maryland – PennCoat, Inc.

Polished Concrete has been grinding its way to commercial and industrial locations all over America.  But one of the biggest locations has been in the Baltimore region, and the surrounding state of Maryland, and even Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
Polished concrete has become too unnoticeable to ignore, and brings to light some hardening questions about the floor: what is polished concrete, and what are its benefits?
Polished Concrete is the result of a successive grinding phases over a concrete slab. […]


Comparing Polished Concrete and Epoxy Coatings

Polished Concrete Floors
Polished concrete flooring is fast becoming a popular option in both residential and commercial buildings. But how does it compare to epoxy coated concrete in an industrial building?
Epoxy Floors
There are a number of reasons to choose epoxy floors. They can last up to 20 years with proper care, but this is with maintenance and an environment where abrasion is not a major concern. There are tons of options for colors and the surfaces can be anything from […]


Concrete Densifiers for Polished Concrete

Concrete Densifiers
Densifiers are used for polished concrete floors. When added to the concrete, a chemical reaction causes the surface to get extremely hard. While we touched upon densifiers in an earlier blog, we’d like now to examine their characteristics in detail. As is our custom, we’ll zoom in on a product we regularly use at PennCoat, in this case AmeriPolish 3D HS Densifier.
Densifiers for Polished Concrete
Polishing densifiers penetrate the surface of a concrete structure, such as a floor, to […]