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Varying Grades of Polished Concrete – PennCoat, Inc.

When a polished concrete floor is installed, the owner receiving the service can expect a low-maintenance floor that produces a radiant sheen that reflects light throughout the room.
But besides these 2 desired features, a polished concrete floor will vary from concrete slab to concrete slab.  There are many variables that can alter the final appearance of the floor.  And because of this, there are varying grades and standards that each site owner should know prior to installing the polished […]


Concrete Densifiers for Polished Concrete

Concrete Densifiers
Densifiers are used for polished concrete floors. When added to the concrete, a chemical reaction causes the surface to get extremely hard. While we touched upon densifiers in an earlier blog, we’d like now to examine their characteristics in detail. As is our custom, we’ll zoom in on a product we regularly use at PennCoat, in this case AmeriPolish 3D HS Densifier.
Densifiers for Polished Concrete
Polishing densifiers penetrate the surface of a concrete structure, such as a floor, to […]