Varying Grades of Polished Concrete – PennCoat, Inc.

When a polished concrete floor is installed, the owner receiving the service can expect a low-maintenance floor that produces a radiant sheen that reflects light throughout the room.

But besides these 2 desired features, a polished concrete floor will vary from concrete slab to concrete slab.  There are many variables that can alter the final appearance of the floor.  And because of this, there are varying grades and standards that each site owner should know prior to installing the polished concrete floor system.

Cream Finish

A Cream Finished Polished Concrete Installation can occur either with a newly poured slab, a well maintained slab that shows minimal or zero signs of wear, or with a resurfaced slab.  With a cream finish, there is still enough portland cement remaining on the surface to conceal the aggregate inside of the slab.

Salt and Pepper Aggregate

Salt and Pepper Polished Concrete finishes will show a minimal amount of aggregate randomly scattered throughout the finished floor.  This look is inconsistent, and presents a natural and irregular appearance that is void of pattern.  This may be an acceptable final finish for some customers.  But sometimes, customers who are expecting a consistent appearance, will need to be forewarned that due to the limitations of the slab, a consistent appearance maybe an unrealistic expectation.  If it is ultimately desired, the customer may either opt for a resurfacing agent to be troweled into the surface.  That resurfacing agent can then be polished for a consistent appearance.  Or, if the customer desires consistent aggregate, then the contractor can grind the floor until consistent aggregate is exposed.  Either option is feasible, but will bring additional cos to the project, without increasing the reflectivity or easy of maintenance (which are the common purposes of polished concrete floors).

Consistent Aggregate

Consistent aggregate in polished concrete can be achieved for older floors that have lost enough of the cream surface that it requires minimal effort to grind.  The consistent aggregate is a very exciting look that can offer unique shapes and colors into the finished floor.  Although it can look spectacular, aggregate exposure is an unpredictable finish, because it’s impossible to know which stone was used to mix the concrete, or if the same stone was used to mix the entire concrete throughout the slab.

Regardless of which finish the buyer prefers (cream, salt and pepper, or consistent aggregate), the finish will all offer the same reflectivity (if polished up to an 800 or greater), and ease of maintenance.  Polished concrete’s benefits are superimposed in the ease of installation, and the elimination of epoxies or other coatings infiltrating the concrete.  So although the aggregate exposure may vary from slab to slab, it is still rudimentary to believe that a well installed polished concrete floor will offer reflectivity and easy of maintenance for every owner.

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