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PennCoat Epoxy Coatings – Aliphatic Urethanes

Aliphatic Urethane
You can choose among several classes of topcoats when you need to protect a surface such as a floor. Two popular types of topcoats are those made from epoxy and those made from aliphatic urethanes. The epoxy topcoat will give good results in a range of applications, but aliphatic urethanes display superior performance, including resistance to abrasion, chemicals and UV light. They are environmentally friendly and emit little odor. These characteristics stem from the primary ingredient in aliphatic […]


Industrial Painting – Oil vs Water Based Paints

Water and Oil-Based Paint
Paints are liquids that, when applied to a surface, dry to a solid film and impart color, protection and texture. Nothing spruces up a room faster than a new coat of paint, but the type you use depends on the surface you’re covering and the paint previously used, if any. The paint’s binder adheres to a surface and imparts durability, gloss and resistance to wear. The two main categories are oil-based and water-based paints.
Oil-Based Paints
Oil-based paints […]


PennCoat Industrial Safety Protocols – Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers – Basics You should Know
When considering industrial safety, fire is one of the largest threats that any plant or facility can encounter. Most occurrences of fire and fire-related damages are preventable if proper measures are taken. Every employer must follow regulations related to fire safety and ensure all employees have knowledge about fire prevention and emergency response actions in case of fire.
Industrial premises are vulnerable fire threats due to its nature.  Because of this, there are several […]