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Hi-Temp Industrial Painting

High-Temperature Coatings for Industrial Painting Contractors

We sometimes take on jobs requiring us to apply coatings that can withstand extreme temperatures. One such product, Hi-Temp 1027, is a paint/primer that can resist dry temperatures up to 1,400° F and protect “cryogenic equipment in continuous or cyclic operation from minus 300° F to 1000° F.” The coating can also:

  • Prevent corrosion when applied under insulation
  • Prevent stress cracking from corrosion
  • Adhere to rusted metals
  • Act as a low-vapor, high-build primer

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Hi-Temp 1027 is an inert multipolymeric matrix consisting of a blend of aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents (xylene, naphthalene, ethylbenzene, dimethyl carbonate) and ground mica — about 7 to 13 percent by weight. The mica provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Reducing chalking
  • Extending pigment
  • Facilitating suspension
  • Resisting shearing and shrinking of the dried film
  • Resisting water and weathering
  • Promoting adhesion
  • Brightening color tones

Hi-Temp 1027 appears as gray or black liquid slurry with a boiling point between 194 and 349° F. It is flammable above 856° F and withstands an impact of 30 lbs. per square inch. The paint weighs 16 lbs. per gallon and is available in flat black and a couple shades of gray. The color might slightly change when in service without affecting the product’s properties. Solids make up about 65 percent of volume. Hi-Temp produces special thinners to be used with Hi-Temp 1027 when applying to hot surfaces.

High-Temperature Painting Benefits

Hi-Temp 1027 combats corrosion under insulation that is caused by salts, over a wide array of temperatures. It can be applied at high temperatures, resists UV radiation and can act as a primer for a full range of color top coats. Because you can put it directly onto metal surfaces as hot as 600° F, you can apply it without costly shutdowns. It resists corrosion without the need for a heat cure. The coating also resists thermal shocks in dry, steamy, frigid or wet conditions. You can apply it directly to tightly adhering rusted surfaces and it will dry to a chalk-free film.


When applying to carbon steel, make sure the surface is free of weld splatter, grease, dirt, oil, salts, loosely adhering rust and other contaminants. The cleaning method of choice is a dry abrasive blast, though water-jetting or power tool cleaning also work. Stainless steel surfaces should also be clean, but make sure not to use chlorinated solvents. You can steam-clean stainless steel with an alkaline detergent and freshwater rinse. Always allow surfaces to dry before applying Hi-Temp 1027.

Dry times at 70° F and 50 percent relative humidity are as follows:

  • Dry to the touch: 2 hours
  • To topcoat: 6 hours
  • To ship: 24 hours
  • No maximum time to recoat

When coating hot steel surfaces, apply in multiple thin passes to avoid blistering and pin-holing. Use only the recommended thinner. Although spray application is recommended, brush and roll application is acceptable.

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