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Urethane Industrial Paint for Exterior Tanks

Industrial Painting for Fuel Tanks

We were called to the scene of an airport that owned some fuel tanks.  These fuel tanks were corroded and badly rusted, and were in need of an industrial coating that could withstand exposure to the outdoor elements.
Our first course of action was to pressure wash the tanks, to remove the failed coatings.  A potential issue PennCoat considered was the corroded surface may be exposed to chlorides, sulfates, and salts.  Salts can cause great damage […]


Industrial Painting Tanks In High Moisture Areas – PennCoat, Inc.

Industrial Painting Tanks In High Moisture Areas
High moisture areas can be problematic for steel.  Appropriate coatings will need to include a rust-inhibitive primer, and moisture cured top coat that will help prevent any moisture from coming in contact with the surface.  Here’s PennCoat’s approach to a successful industrial coating project:
e were contacted by a local power plant to address the aged coatings on their tanks.  This is a hydro power plant, which uses a lot of running water.  All […]


The Industrial and Commercial Perks of Urethane Paint

Urethane Paint
Urethane paints seem to be everywhere these days, but do you know what makes them so popular? This week we will take a good look at the properties of urethane paints.
First off, we should understand that urethane paints do not actually contain the material that meets the true chemical definition of urethane, which is ethyl carbamate. Actual urethane is used in the veterinary field as an anesthetic. You certainly do not want that in your paint!    Urethane linkages […]


Benefits Of Primer In Industrial/Commercial Painting And Flooring

The Benefits of Using a Primer with Epoxy Flooring or Industrial/Commercial Painting
If you want to obtain a very professional and classy look for your place while painting the exterior siding or the interior walls, make sure you apply a coat of primer first! Primer is supposed to serve three major functionalities:

It obstructs stains as well as resinous knots from bleeding through;
It offers single-coat coverage for the paint topcoat
It improves adhesion and reduces blisters, extending the life of the topcoat.

These […]


PennCoat – Hi-Temp Industrial Painting

High-Temperature Coatings for Industrial Painting Contractors
We sometimes take on jobs requiring us to apply coatings that can withstand extreme temperatures. One such product, Hi-Temp 1027, is a paint/primer that can resist dry temperatures up to 1,400° F and protect “cryogenic equipment in continuous or cyclic operation from minus 300° F to 1000° F.” The coating can also:

Prevent corrosion when applied under insulation
Prevent stress cracking from corrosion
Adhere to rusted metals
Act as a low-vapor, high-build primer

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Hi-Temp 1027 is […]


PennCoat Epoxy Coatings – Aliphatic Urethanes

Aliphatic Urethane
You can choose among several classes of topcoats when you need to protect a surface such as a floor. Two popular types of topcoats are those made from epoxy and those made from aliphatic urethanes. The epoxy topcoat will give good results in a range of applications, but aliphatic urethanes display superior performance, including resistance to abrasion, chemicals and UV light. They are environmentally friendly and emit little odor. These characteristics stem from the primary ingredient in aliphatic […]


Industrial Painting – Oil vs Water Based Paints

Water and Oil-Based Paint
Paints are liquids that, when applied to a surface, dry to a solid film and impart color, protection and texture. Nothing spruces up a room faster than a new coat of paint, but the type you use depends on the surface you’re covering and the paint previously used, if any. The paint’s binder adheres to a surface and imparts durability, gloss and resistance to wear. The two main categories are oil-based and water-based paints.
Oil-Based Paints
Oil-based paints […]