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What’s the Big Deal with VOC’s?

Volatile Organic Compounds
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as “organic chemical compounds whose composition makes it possible for them to evaporate under normal indoor atmospheric conditions of temperature and pressure.” The term applies to any organic compound that boils at or below 250° C at standard atmospheric pressure. VOCs are usually released into the air from materials containing these compounds. This covers a wide range of materials that we have discussed in previous articles. […]


Epoxy Coating Failure : Non-Osmotic Blistering

Non-Osmotic Bubbling
In our previous article, we took a close look at osmotic blistering and the toll it takes on coated surfaces. In this article, we’ll examine the other common mechanism of coating failure: non-osmotic bubbling.
Beyond Moisture Damage
As we previously explained, osmotic blistering arises from situations in which coated surfaces are immersed in water or subject to continual high humidity. Water, sometimes driven by temperature gradients, gets under the coating surface, vaporizes and causes the damage we call osmotic blistering. […]


Epoxy Flooring Failure ; Osmotic Blistering

Osmotic Blistering
Osmotic blistering occurs when moisture penetrates through the surface of a coating, is trapped beneath the layer of paint or epoxy and creates blisters. It is not an uncommon phenomenon, but the mechanism can be somewhat complex. Generally, blisters form where pressure builds after moisture accumulates at certain locations within a coating film. Blistering is a result of osmosis; non-osmotic bubbling also occurs, but it’s caused by a different mechanism.
Paints and epoxies form semi-permeable membranes that can resist […]


PennCoat Solutions – Chemical Resistant Top Coat

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Top Coat
Many industrial plants, consumer and commercial locations, and research laboratories face concerns arising from chemical spills that can damage or destroy floor surfaces. The ideal solution is to install a chemical resistant epoxy flooring with a topcoat that resists many types of chemical spills. Dur-A-Gard Novolac is a leading topcoat product that provides superior resistance to a wide spectrum of chemical agents. The unique composition of Novolac Topcoat, which has low volatile organic compounds […]


PennCoat – Coating Food and Pharmaceutical Facilities

Food and Pharmaceutical Plants – Benefits of Using Epoxy Paints
Every industry has a contrasting work environment, which requires specific paint and flooring installations, and often epoxy paints. Paint adds appeal to any industrial facility, whether it is a warehouse or a factory. But, industrial coatings aren’t based on appearance alone, as varying environmental challenges factor into which coating should be applied.  Food and beverage production plants, warehouses, laboratories, and pharmaceutical plants require high performance and hygienic floor surfaces that […]


PennCoat, Inc. compliments Epoxy Coatings with Aliphatic Urethane top coats.

Aliphatic Urethanes
Aliphatic urethanes are a top coating that provides an additionally layer of protection to epoxy floor systems and industrial paint coating systems.  It is tough and flexible, adding strength, abrasion resistance and protection.  Because of its resistance to UV, chemicals, and water, aliphatic urethanes are a popular choice for outdoor surfaces that are weathered or exposed to the deteriorating effects of UV sun light.
Breakdown of Aliphatic Urethanes:

Performance properties
Outdoor Usage

Performance Properties
Often, epoxy finishes are created to help maintain and […]


PennCoat, Inc. provides solution to Osmotic Blistering

Osmotic Blistering
Osmotic blistering can be one of the biggest concerns for coating installers.  However, regardless of its disastrous effects, there are preventive measures that experienced coating applicants can apply.
Breakdown of Osmotic Blistering, and preventive solutions:

What is osmotic blistering?
How does osmotic blistering damage floor system applications?
How do coating specialists prevent this floor system disaster?

Osmotic blistering is an invisible enemy for almost all coating applications.  It is damaging and costly.  When searching for a coating application installer, it is important to […]


Urethane Cement installed by PennCoat Inc – Easy Solutions for Tough Environments

Urethane Cement
Because of its strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals, Urethane Cement proves to be the most resourceful floor coating system for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
Breakdown of industrial benefits:
–          Durability – recommended for medium to heavy duty applications
–          Excellent chemical and stain resistance
–          Slip-resistant
–          Heat resistant
–          Application
When a coating company provides 25 years of optimum service, it naturally learns that there are more effective applications than others.  Food and pharmaceutical facilities and plants always pose a […]


The nitty gritty of Industrial and Commercial Painting

It’s easy to overlook and underestimate the value and importance of commercial and industrial painting. Often times, while walking into a brand new doctor’s office, or a recently constructed mall, the color, texture, and presentation of the floors, walls, and ceiling can be unappreciated. And for the untrained eye, that could be considered a good thing. How often to you take notice of properly done trade work that you’re not familiar with? The only time it would be noticeable […]