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Food and Pharmaceutical Plants – Benefits of Using Epoxy Paints

Every industry has a contrasting work environment, which requires specific paint and flooring installations, and often epoxy paints. Paint adds appeal to any industrial facility, whether it is a warehouse or a factory. But, industrial coatings aren’t based on appearance alone, as varying environmental challenges factor into which coating should be applied.  Food and beverage production plants, warehouses, laboratories, and pharmaceutical plants require high performance and hygienic floor surfaces that are easy to clean, chemical resistant, and abrasion tolerant.

Due to their digestible product, food and pharmaceutical industries require special coating that resists bacteria and sustains sanitary requirements of the environment. Benefits of applying epoxy coatings in food and pharmaceutical industries include –

  • Dust and other contaminants can be easily cleaned on surfaces with epoxy coatings, making it is easier to maintain hygienic and sanitary requirements of the work area. Epoxy paints give a seamless surface that can be wiped dry to remove dust, dirt and debris, which is ideal for packaging, food and beverage production plants.
  • Along with food production areas, dust can also cause problems in storage areas of food and pharmaceutical units. Epoxy sealers or primers will help in reducing dust in those areas.
  • Epoxy coating on concrete floor makes it hard wearing and durable.  Thus, it reduces risks of paint failures, strengthens floors and gives longer life to painted surface.
  • Epoxy paints have low odor so they can be used in bottling plants and warehouses.
  • Epoxy coatings are ‘environment-friendly’ and absence of toxins makes them an ideal choice for manufacturing and packing areas in food industry.
  • Most epoxy coatings are resistant to oil, acids and gasoline solvents that can be commonly found in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • As epoxy coated floorings are chemical resistant, it is an ideal flooring option for warehouses and industrial plants.
  • It holds up well in fast-moving environments and reduces wear and tear of transport vehicles and flooring.
  • Epoxy coatings are available in various colors and most coatings offer color stability. So, they can be used in warehouses, laboratories, clean rooms and other areas. Colors can also be used to designate different work areas.

Choosing the appropriate coating is an investment decision for any industry. If the decision is made wisely, it will give long and high performance life to the floors and painted surface.