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Epoxy Floor Preperation – Diamond Grinding or Shot Blasting

Epoxy Floor Preparation: Shot Blasting vs Diamond Grinding
Floor preparation is an imperative task and needs to be handled by practiced workmen. Many homeowners may try to complete the prep work themselves.  But the truth is, that prepping concrete can be challenging, and can lead to many flooring mistakes if not planned properly.  Whether it’s concrete flooring in construction or metal surface in automobile industry, preparation can’t be avoided in order to ensure high quality end results. There are handful […]


Warehouse Shipping Lines – Industrial Coatings That Withstands Constant Traffic

Painted Lines to Organize the Industrial Work Place

Organizing floor space is a critical goal for the methodical facility or warehouse manager.  With so many pallets, forklifts, and moving pieces of equipment, it can be a challenge knowing where every item belongs.  And for this reason, facility floor lines can contribute greatly, by creating designated areas for each movable object.
However, as with any industrial coating, it has the increased challenge of adhering to sealed concrete or even potentially contaminated surface, […]


PennCoat, Inc. Epoxy Flooring Installations

Pitching lab room floors, and installing chemical resistant wear coats.
We were contacted by pharmaceutical manufacturing company with some drainage problems in one of their lab room floors.   Over the years, the floor began to wear enough that the water would no longer be sloped to the drain, and would begin to the puddle on the middle of the floor.  It was obviously not the way the floor was intended to function, so the manufacturer contacted PennCoat, Incwaq, seeking […]


Epoxy Flooring Maryland

Epoxy Flooring Maryland
While many business owners do pay attention to the appearance of their business, many tend to pay less attention to their floors. While residential floors play less of a role, industrial and commercial floors are vital to your business. Not only do you have to worry about what your floors look like, they also have to function correctly.
PennCoat Inc. has been providing flooring services in Maryland for nearly 30 years. Through experience and quality products, our company […]


Installing Urethane Cement – Part One

This is part one of our video series on “Installing Urethane Cement” and discussing some of the benefits of urethane cement. Urethane cement offers excellent protection from excess moisture, and has the durability to be cleaned in abundance without wearing down.
Earlier this year, we used urethane cement in a flooring project in Baltimore, Maryland. A local food manufacturer was experiencing flooring issues in the dock room. The dock room takes a lot of hard cleaners. The room was always cleaned […]


Polyaspartics vs. Epoxy Coatings: Adhesion, Cure Time, and Strength

You may have already read the blog post “The Epic Showdown – Epoxy Coatings vs. Polyaspartic Coatings.”
Now, we will look at some detailed differences between the two types of coatings, this time, in reference to adhesion, cure time, and strength.
Both types of material have good adhesion depending on proper surface preparation.
Many manufacturers will tell you that epoxy coatings give you better concrete adhesion.
Why is this so?
Epoxy coatings form a protective layer over flooring, adding a new color or gloss […]


PennCoat Projects – Epoxy Flooring Installation

In fall of 2014, PennCoat, Inc was contacted by an engineering firm in eastern Pennsylvania to install a 6000 square foot, 100% solid epoxy floor.  The engineering firm was expanding their production area, and wanted to utilize an open floor.  It was their desire to coat and protect the concrete with an epoxy coating from the manufacturing machinery and heavy traffic the area could expect.    We did some measuring, made some estimates, and offered some viable options for […]


Urethane Cement and Epoxy Flooring – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Urethane Cement and Epoxy Flooring in Lancaster, PA
A local food manufacturer located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was experiencing flooring issues in their dock room.  Because they deal with food, the room is subjected to routine cleaning with strong chemical cleaners.  Epoxy coats won’t tolerate this much moisture exposure.  So we had to offer a stronger flooring solution that could withstand the constant moisture, and hold up against the tough chemicals.  Additionally, because the floor is exposed to so much water, […]


Understanding Tech Data Sheets: Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance
The impact resistance, or toughness, of a material is its ability to absorb energy without fracturing or rupturing, even if it plastically deforms. Technically, it is the integral of energy divided by volume, aka the stress-strain curve we’ve discussed in previous blogs. It is similar to resilience, except the upper limit of integration is unrestricted. There are several ways to measure impact resistance, including the Izod Impact Test:

and the Charpy impact tests:

But the materials we commonly use at […]


The Importance of Material Hardness for PennCoat’s Applications

Material Hardness
The makers of the coatings and paints we use at PennCoat publish extensive technical information about the ingredients, properties and safety of each product. We use this information when selecting the best product for each application. For example, when we apply a cementitious urethane surface, we are looking for a material that will withstand heavy traffic — in other words, a hard surface.
How Hard Is It?
Hardness is a physical characteristic of matter that describes its resistance to indentation, […]