PennCoat, Inc. Epoxy Flooring Installations

Pitching lab room floors, and installing chemical resistant wear coats.

We were contacted by pharmaceutical manufacturing company with some drainage problems in one of their lab room floors.   Over the years, the floor began to wear enough that the water would no longer be sloped to the drain, and would begin to the puddle on the middle of the floor.  It was obviously not the way the floor was intended to function, so the manufacturer contacted PennCoat, Inc, seeking a resolution.

The room was 900 square feet.  Open rooms this small are easy to complete and don’t pose a large challenge.  However, this room had equipment and other obstacles that reduced the production rates of the installers. Additionally, because the room had to be repitched, the entire project was estimated to be completed in about 200 hours.

The first step was to prep the floor.  This required removing enough floor so that the installers could repitch the floor.  The floor was prepped with planetary grinder equipped with metal diamond bonds.  The diamond bonds are strong enough to remove the uneven top layer of concrete that was impeding the current pitch.

Once the prep was completed, it was time for the installers to pitch the floor to all of the drains.  A draw string was used to measure the pitch from the wall to the drain.  Then, after PennCoat’s installers had the measurements mapped out, they used an epoxy trowel blend to pitch the floor.  Using a flat edge leveler, the installers leveled the floor so that it was true to the pitch.

After the floor was pitched, the room required a chemical resistant epoxy coating on top of the pitched floor.  In addition to the coating, the floor needed a cove base installed on top of the pitch.

After the epoxy intermediate coat was installed, the floor then required a final chemical resistant, aliphatic urethane top coat.  The aliphatic urethane top coat offers strong chemical resistant, and can tolerate the stronger chemicals that are often used in this environment.  Additionally, the top coat will require slip resistance.

Overall, the completed floor offered functional drainage, a chemical resistant top coat, and a 4″ radius cove around the perimeter.  The project was completed under budget, and the pharmaceutical manufacturer has hired PennCoat, Inc. again for more epoxy flooring installations.

PennCoat, Inc. has been providing industrial painting, commercial painting, epoxy flooring, and polished concrete services for nearly 30 years.  Our experienced installers are trained and equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to ensure that every installation is installed efficiently and safely.  PennCoat, Inc. provides service to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.  And we cover York, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Dauphin, Bucks, Berks, and other counties in the surrounding area.