The Pro’s and Con’s of Different Types of Commercial Floors

commercial epoxy floorings

With so many available flooring products on the market today, choosing the right commercial flooring option can be both easy and overwhelming.

The good news is that you no longer have to compromise on form or function – modern technology has created flooring materials perfect for different spaces and uses in your home and your business!

Our guide will help you choose the best flooring options, visually and functionally, for your business:

  1. Modular Carpet Tiles

Carpet has its place in certain commercial settings, and there are a couple of options to choose from.

Modular carpet tiles offer more choices than broadloom carpet.  The installation is easier; it uses vinyl backing that makes the tiles harder to unravel, and the adhesive helps the tiles stay in place longer.

Modular carpet tiles offer consumers the ability to choose patterns and styles that fit their commercial flooring needs.  Overall, they are a better commercial flooring option than broadloom carpet.

Cons: it will be very easy to tell if the installation is not done properly.

  1. Wood Flooring

While solid wood flooring does not provide a good option for some commercial spaces, it remains the most stylish option for most people, and it is more durable than most other types of commercial flooring.

Hardwood floors can be refinished if necessary.  And, when wood ages – it’s not such a bad thing because some wood floors seem to get even better over time as the wood develops a beautiful patina and character.

Cons: the challenge with traditional solid wood flooring is the installation process – it can take a while to install, can be hard to install, plus it can be expensive.

  1. Laminate Wood Flooring

This is a popular choice for commercial flooring – very easy to install and maintain, very hygienic and durable, and tends to be less expensive than hardwood flooring and other options.

Cons: commercial laminate wood flooring is not easy to repair; while sometimes boards can be replaced, early technology requires that the entire floor be replaced.

  1. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Here’s why engineered hardwood flooring is becoming more popular in commercial flooring: ease of installation and lower cost.  Basically, it is a small slice of hardwood laid over high-quality plywood, and since it uses less wood than traditional solid wood flooring, it’s a more environmentally friendly commercial flooring option.

Cons: while cheaper than solid wood, it is more expensive than most other commercial flooring options, and it does have fewer choices in colors and styles.

  1. Vinyl Composite Tile

Commonly used as commercial flooring due to its value durability, vinyl composite tile is also easily replaceable.  Between the cost and the ease of installation, it can be a great choice for businesses.

Cons: the glue on VCT commercial flooring tiles can come loose, causing the tiles to lift off around the corners; and the surface does eventually wear down, causing issues for cleaning and color deterioration.

  1. Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy commercial flooring is one of the best options for high-traffic commercial areas since it’s tough, resilient, durable, and easy to customize.  Epoxy floor coatings are applied directly to the floor in thick layer, creating a resinous surface, and once the epoxy has cured, it provides a hardened, polished surface that can successfully hide cracks, chips, and other issues on the floor beneath.  They are generally used over a concrete surface.

Epoxy floor coatings also come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and they can be textured to create a non-slip surface.  They are shock resistant, stain resistant and highly water resistant.

Cons: installing epoxy floor coating can be a challenging task that should be performed only by the most experienced professionals.  Also, since the entire floor is a single surface, a crack can spread very easily; the floor needs to be carefully maintained.

So which type of flooring would be ideal for your commercial space?

The truth is, it will depend on the unique needs of your business.  Is it a high volume commercial space; are there heavy equipment; and potential chemical spills; presentable office space?

Many factors may dictate whether one type of commercial flooring is better than the other – contact Home One Services today to learn more about your commercial flooring options!

Whether you need complete remodeling or simply wish to replace your current floors, let our proficient and friendly team of contractors help you enhance the look, functionality and safety of your business.