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Industrial Painting Steel in Corrosive Environments – PennCoat, Inc

Industrial Painting Steel in Corrosive Environments – PennCoat, Inc.
When you provide industrial painting services, it’s common to see a lot of corroded steel.  Steel that’s exposed to natural environments, such as snow, rain, hail, UV rays, high and low temps contribute to the deterioration of steel.  So when looking at steel frames and structures, it’s important to consider coatings that will help prevent this corrosion.  And one of the best methods it to apply a moisture cured urethane primer.
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Industrial Coatings – PennCoat Paints Tanks/Silos

PennCoat, Inc Provides Industrial Painting Solutions and Services in Pennsylvania and Maryland
We were contacted in late November about some tanks that needed coating.   This is common.  Companies will want to make big purchases at the end of the year to get more expenses on their books for their taxes.  This can be great because we’re often on the receiving end of the work.  However, the issue is that it can prove very problematic when you attempt to paint in cold […]