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Commercial Paint Problems & Solutions – Painting Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel has exceptional benefits for any plant or facility.  It is durable and can tolerate high moisture, due to the zinc it’s boiled in.  However, although versatile, it is a challenge to coat due to the oil residue that protects the substrate.
Here’s how Commercial Painters Avoid Paint Peeling From Galvanized Surfaces
Galvanized steel is frequently used in many commercial and residential settings.  It’s used for gutters, down spouts, corrugated decking, and many other common applications.  Although it is tolerant to […]


Industrial Painting Wooden Trusses & Ceilings – PennCoat, Inc.

Industrial Painting – Facility Ceilings
Industrial painting often involves dirty, dusty, bedraggled, and crummy ceilings.  And often, if those ceilings are in abandoned parts of manufacturing facilities, then they can become worst than what was described.  And that’s what we’re currently dealing with.
A general contractor secured a project to update a large facility.  And then that general contractor reached out to us to clean and paint the ceilings.  And being part of our business, we submitted a price, and was […]


Industrial Coatings – PennCoat Paints Tanks/Silos

PennCoat, Inc Provides Industrial Painting Solutions and Services in Pennsylvania and Maryland
We were contacted in late November about some tanks that needed coating.   This is common.  Companies will want to make big purchases at the end of the year to get more expenses on their books for their taxes.  This can be great because we’re often on the receiving end of the work.  However, the issue is that it can prove very problematic when you attempt to paint in cold […]