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Choosing a paint for Equipment Painting

Painting equipment is one of the most common requests for industrial painters.  From finding the appropriate coating, to discovering the best prep method, to minimizing sensitive computer components.  There are a number of factors that need to be considered before embarking on an incredible painting journey into the angular movements of equipment painting.
In the world of big industry, there are innumerable operations that equipment can perform.  And sometimes that performance requires highly concentrated coolants and oils that can keep […]


Preserving Industrial Equipment with Acryllic Urethane

Acrylic Urethane
We at PennCoat frequently use an acrylic urethane mastic called Durethane DTM, manufactured by PPG. It can be used to put a hard protective coat on metals, concrete and masonry. The product can produce a high gloss and can be tinted in various hues, with good color retention.  It has low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resists the sun’s ultraviolet rays and is fairly easy to apply. Durethane DTM is a two-component system consisting of a resin […]