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Installing Safety Pedestrian Lines In Existing Facility

Installing Safety Pedestrian Lines With Epoxy Flooring Contractors
I was contacted by a facility manager in Aberdeen, Maryland.  He was looking to add 1000 linear feet of aisle way lines in his facility.  His facility was already coated, but it did not have any lines or floor markings.
The project is certainly feasible.  But ultimately, this always becomes a question of whether the site manager should install lines or aisle ways.  Lines are easier to install, and require less labor.  So […]


Installing Industrial Floors in Meat Plants

Industrial Floors in Cold Facilities
Although you can’t tell from the picture, that room is actually 45 degrees F.  And according to most tech sheets, it’s recommended that most epoxies be installed in 65 degrees or warmer.  So, when this meat and seafood processing plant called us about their desire to upgrade their epoxy floors, it was obvious that this project would require some additional project management and solutions.
The room pictured above has a thin film coating.  This room is […]


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Epoxy Flooring for Pharmaceutical Plants
One of our pharmaceutical customers was doing some renovations to its manufacturing plant.  The project involved pouring a new cement slab in the existing floor.
Obviously, the floor of this condition does not fit the pharmaceutical standards.  The plan was to pour the new cement, and then PennCoat would enter the picture, and install a 100% solids, seamless epoxy floor coating with a urethane topcoat.
The first step, after pouring the new concrete slab, was to prep […]