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Make Colors Last With The Proper Commercial Paint Application

Faded paint is an eye-soar.  And the culprit is almost always exposure to ultra-violet rays.  However, the sun light isn’t always the culprit.  Sometimes it’s moisture, but many times it is the commercial painter applying the incorrect paint.  So here are the best paints to use if considering exterior painting.
What Causes Paint to Fade?
Before we can serve you the best product recommendation, we’re going to first touch on what actually causes paint to fade.  And although it might be easy to […]


Rusty Tanks & Industrial Painting – PennCoat

Industrial Painting – Tank Rust Removal and Recoating Project
At Penncoat we have an interesting outlook on the term degree of difficulty. Give us rust spots – no problem. Put those rust spots 60’ in the air on tank silos – OK. Surround the area around the tank with grass and landscaping that isn’t meant to be driven over with lifts and other equipment – now we’re talking.
Every ‘less than ideal’ project that we encounter is a way to expand […]