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Applying Architectural Commercial Coatings in Universities and Commercial Buildings

Architectural coatings can increase the visual atmosphere of commercial settings.  But they can also have a specific function depending on their application.

Visual impact is the most common improvement that’s expected by the general public.  And although that’s a reasonable assumption, commercial coatings can offer benefits other than improved aesthetics.
We were asked to coat steel in an institutional facility.  This steel consisted of tube steel and stair components such as stringers and pickets in the stair railings.  And although it’s […]


Commercial Painting Contractors In Pennsylvania

When it comes to the appearance of your business, both inside and out, having a professional look is very important. This is especially true for commercial businesses that have customers, employees and executives to consider. The appearance of your commercial business can suggest a lot about your company and how operations are ran. And if you’re searching for commercial painting contractors in Pennsylvania, you want to keep experience in mind.
For nearly 30 years, PennCoat Inc. has been serving the […]


Painting Contractors In Maryland

If you’re looking for painting contractors in Maryland, you’ve likely come across dozens of painters and companies offering painting services. From residential painting to industrial painting and commercial painting, most local regions have a wide range of painting services they can choose from. With so many Maryland painters available, it can be tough to make the right choice. Where do you start?
One of the most important things when researching painting contractors is the source you find the information. There’s […]


Industrial Painting & Commercial Painting – Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Coatings- Flexible and Breathable
If you are thinking about using elastomeric paints on your building surface or floor, you will want to check out the blog post at https://penncoatinc.com/blog/penncoat-inc-industrial-painting-elastomeric-coating/.
What makes elastomeric coatings so flexible and breathable?
Of course, the answer lies in the chemistry.
Elastomers are composed of long chainlike molecules that are irregularly coiled.  They can stretch between 300% and 600% of their original shape and still return to normal. This is because the molecules will straighten in the […]


Commercial Painting Companies In Pennsylvania

The appearance of your business plays a vital role on many levels when it comes to how customers view your brand. We should all strive to have a business that is welcoming, comfortable, inviting and clean. It’s safe to say that your businesses’ appearance plays a role in branding and marketing also. What customers think matters and their opinions can affect your bottom line.
At PennCoat Inc., we listen to your needs and work with you to bring your design […]


PennCoat, Inc. – 5 Common Painting Problems

Five Common Paint Problems
Today’s super-convenient paints are so versatile and easy to use that some folks don’t realize how to apply them properly. This can result in a number of unpleasant surprises. Let’s take a short survey of five common paint problems and how to avoid them.
Picture Framing
The Problem: Also known as hatbanding, picture framing is an uneven appearance arising from two or more application techniques on the same wall. Typically, the problem appears as a dark border surrounding […]


5 Most Commonly Used Paints

5 Most Commonly Used Paints
It’s always a good idea to use the optimum material for any application, and this certainly applies to paints. Many factors influence the choice of paint, including the substrate being covered, condition and age of the substrate, its location and exposure to the elements. In this article, we’ll discuss the best uses of five different types of paints. We’ve discussed each of these paints in previous blogs, but today we’ll focus on when they should, […]


Acrylic Enamel Paint for Commercial Painting Decks

Acrylic Enamels for Wooden Decks
Last week, we explored the wonders of the ultraviolet spectrum. As we pointed out, although our bodies need UV light to make Vitamin D, in general UV light is bad news for outdoor structures. UV radiation fades colors and ages materials, especially wood. That’s why PennCoat recommends you use acrylic enamel paints instead of stains on wooden decks. The enamel is a much better defender against UV rays, and it has the additional benefit of […]


Commercial Painting Material – Denatured Alcohol

Denatured Alcohol
Alcohol is very important to us at PennCoat. Denatured alcohol, that is. It’s ethanol to which poison — often methanol — has been added to render it non-consumable. We use it every day to clean surfaces and equipment prior to use.
The main ingredient, ethanol, has the formula C2H6O, with two carbon atoms sharing a single bond — similar to ethane except one hydrogen has been replaced by a hydroxyl (OH) group. Ethanol is colorless liquid with a mild […]


Commercial Painting – Enamel Paint

Enamel Paints
Enamel alkyd paints are good, all-around paints that dry to a hard gloss.
common characteristics for these popular commercial paints are:

Fast drying
Flake and chip resistant
Resistant to dirt, abrasion and impact
Easy to apply

Enamel paints that offer these characteristics arise from the alkyd binders used in these paints. As you may recall from previous blogs, alkyds are derived from alcohols and organic fatty acids. Both paints use medium aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents.  We rely to the Commercial Enamel when conditions are a […]