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Painting Contractors In Maryland

If you’re looking for painting contractors in Maryland, you’ve likely come across dozens of painters and companies offering painting services. From residential painting to industrial painting and commercial painting, most local regions have a wide range of painting services they can choose from. With so many Maryland painters available, it can be tough to make the right choice. Where do you start?
One of the most important things when researching painting contractors is the source you find the information. There’s […]


Industrial Painting & Commercial Painting – Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Coatings- Flexible and Breathable
If you are thinking about using elastomeric paints on your building surface or floor, you will want to check out the blog post at https://penncoatinc.com/blog/penncoat-inc-industrial-painting-elastomeric-coating/.
What makes elastomeric coatings so flexible and breathable?
Of course, the answer lies in the chemistry.
Elastomers are composed of long chainlike molecules that are irregularly coiled.  They can stretch between 300% and 600% of their original shape and still return to normal. This is because the molecules will straighten in the […]


Commercial Painting Companies In Pennsylvania

The appearance of your business plays a vital role on many levels when it comes to how customers view your brand. We should all strive to have a business that is welcoming, comfortable, inviting and clean. It’s safe to say that your businesses’ appearance plays a role in branding and marketing also. What customers think matters and their opinions can affect your bottom line.
At PennCoat Inc., we listen to your needs and work with you to bring your design […]


PennCoat, Inc. – 5 Common Painting Problems

Five Common Paint Problems
Today’s super-convenient paints are so versatile and easy to use that some folks don’t realize how to apply them properly. This can result in a number of unpleasant surprises. Let’s take a short survey of five common paint problems and how to avoid them.
Picture Framing
The Problem: Also known as hatbanding, picture framing is an uneven appearance arising from two or more application techniques on the same wall. Typically, the problem appears as a dark border surrounding […]


5 Most Commonly Used Paints

5 Most Commonly Used Paints
It’s always a good idea to use the optimum material for any application, and this certainly applies to paints. Many factors influence the choice of paint, including the substrate being covered, condition and age of the substrate, its location and exposure to the elements. In this article, we’ll discuss the best uses of five different types of paints. We’ve discussed each of these paints in previous blogs, but today we’ll focus on when they should, […]


Commercial Painting with Epoxy Polyamines

Epoxies are resins used as coatings and adhesives in a number of applications, including commercial paints. When mixed with a hardener such as polyamine, epoxies react to form hard coatings that resist high temperatures and chemical attack. At PennCoat, we often use epoxy polyamine preparations  for painting industrial and commercial spaces that must stand up to wear, chemicals, and contamination.
Epoxy Polyamine paints are typically packaged in 2 components:

Part A is resin containing epoxy polymer.  Depending on the paint, it can […]


Industrial and Commercial Painting Selections

We’d like to devote the next few blogs to the topic of commercial painting. Let’s start with a product we frequently use to paint bare metal, Sherwin Williams DTM Acrylic Coating (DTM stands for “direct to metal”).
SW DTM Acrylic Coating is a corrosion resistant paint/primer composed of 100 percent acrylic. It contains 38 percent solids by volume and 50 percent by weight. The coating is designed to be applied directly to prepared substrates:

Iron and Steel
Galvanized metal

Of course, its most […]


PennCoat, Inc. – Industrial Painting with Elastomeric Paint

Elastomeric Coatings
We often need to protect steel from the elements and from temperature swings. Elastomeric coatings fit the bill quite nicely. The best brands, such as FX-501M from Fox Industries, are made from 100 percent acrylic polymer, which is a long chain of acrylate or methacrylate molecules. The polymer is waterbased and forms a tough, corrosion-protective film on metal. Other ingredients are added, such as diphenyl ketone (a UV-ray protectant) ethylene glycol (an anti-corrosive), and coloring agents.
Elastomeric Properties
Elastomeric coatings […]


PennCoat, Inc – Rust Preventive Industrial Painting

POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating
Steel surfaces that have rusted or that are vulnerable to rust must receive treatment to prevent or remediate the problem. PennCoat has had excellent results with the rust-preventative coating POR-15, which we use as a primer on new steel or on rusted steel that has first been prepared. Unlike the so-called chemical rust inhibitors — which tend to lose effectiveness over time — POR-15 works by forming a tough, hard layer that physically protects metal from […]


The Advent of Waterborne Paints

Waterborne Finishes – How to Use them
Oil-based paints have been the primary paint selection for decades.  But with new chemistry and technology, waterborne paints and coats are gaining popularity over them. As the name suggests, waterborne coatings contain almost 80% water, making water the dominant solvent.  A few decades ago, only a handful of companies manufactured waterborne paint, keeping the options and availability limited.  But with their growing popularity, there has been a significant rise in options of water […]