When It’s Worth Doing Right.
PennCoat is a commercial painting contractor that works with facility managers, project managers, designers, and business owners to cover every detail and make your next painting project a success. From food manufacturing to pharmaceutical production, to warehousing, we understand that each plant or facility comes with nuances that require a unique and custom solution.  With over 30 years of experience in the Central PA area, extending into Philadelphia and Baltimore, MD, we tailor our commercial painting services to each individual project, to maximize the longevity of each coating system. We also offer free color consulting to help you choose the perfect color patterns for your facility. Contact PennCoat for your next commercial painting project.


Office Buildings Interior walls, ceilings and trim work, exterior masonry, wood and steel painting.
Churches Church interiors & exteriors painting, scaffolding erection, swing stage and difficult access areas.
Hospitality Hotels, dining halls, food courts, durable coatings, low VOC/No Odor and quick turn-around time.
Schools & Universities Campus interior and exterior maintenance painting, classrooms and corridors, pools and gymnasiums.
Hospitals Corridors, decorative spray applied coatings, and sanitary coatings.
Warehouses Interior & exterior painting, steel joists and deck painting, warehouse cleaning, line striping and aisle markers.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Paint Performance Features

  • Improved Appearance
  • Surface Restoration
  • Build Customer Confidence
  • Protect Surfaces
  • Improve Longevity

What Do Commercial Painting Contractors in PA, MD and NJ Do?

As professional commercial painting contractors in PA, MD and NJ, we work with just about every conceivable type of business to meet your painting and coating needs. We understand that businesses have different painting and coating goals and requirements than residences, and we also understand that not all businesses and commercial properties are best served by the same type of approach to painting work.

We also understand that safety considerations take on special significance in a commercial environment, which is why we always adhere to the highest possible standards to protect the safety of both our workers and yours during painting and once the painting project is complete.

How Does Commercial Painting Work?

When you need commercial painting services for your facility, whether it’s a single room, roof coating, the entire exterior of your building or anything in between, just give us a call at PennCoat, Inc. and let us know what your needs are. We will come to your business, assess your painting needs, and our commercial painting contractors will determine the best approach to meet them.

Once we agree on a painting plan, we can give you a fair and accurate estimate of what the job should cost. We will schedule your painting at a time that is convenient for you so it does not interfere with your daily business operations.

Our coating and painting services can help you restore your facility to a newer, fresher look, create a cleaner, safer, and more appealing environment for employees and even help protect your building so that it lasts longer. We won’t consider the job done until we are sure you are satisfied, and when we are done our commercial painting contractors will perform a comprehensive cleanup to ensure that the only thing we leave behind is a great-looking paint job.

What Can Commercial Painting Do for Your Business?

PennCoat, Inc. offers high-quality commercial painting contractors in York, Philadelphia, Mount Laurel, Harrisburg, Mifflinburg, Cockeysville, Lancaster, Baltimore and other major areas throughout PA, MD and NJ. Wondering whether or not you should take advantage of our commerical painting services? See below for some of the many benefits your office building, hospital, gymnasium, warehouse, school, place of worship or other commercial facility can enjoy with the right commercial paint job from PennCoat, Inc.

Remember that if you have your commercial painting done right professionally now, you won’t have to touch it up or redo it entirely six months from now, which could potentially save your business serious money in the long run.

Office Buildings

Commercial Paint Performance Features

  • Masonry Coating
  • Metal Coating
  • UV Resistant
  • Submergible Paint
  • UV Resistant
  • High Strength and Impervious

Sometimes, a company’s credibility can rest on the impression of an office building. And a well maintained office building will build more client confidence than a building with peeling paint or corroded surfaces. Brick and Masonry are very porous, and can create a challenge for commercial painters trying to seal the surface. Masonry coating is a great commercial paint product that seals masonry, and prevents pin holes from forming. If too many pin holes form, then moisture and air can seep through the surface, and create moisture pressure underneath the paint. This pressure then causes paint failure, and causes paint to peel. Additionally, many commercial grade paints are designed to adhere to metal, helping protect it from UV sunlight and harsh weather that can cause corrosion.


Commercial Coating Performance Features

  • Interior Painting
  • Facade Preservations
  • Detailed Architecture
  • Difficult To Reach Areas

Churches can present some of the world’s most beautiful architecture. But although aesthetically pleasing, maintenance can often become a challenge, due to intricate detail, and difficult access points. An experienced commercial painter will recognize these challenges, and install a paint system that can withstand the environment, and uphold its appearance through time. Interior coating of a church proves difficult because of their vaulted ceilings. Acrylic paints are typically the best performers because of their great adhesion, and their low odor.


  • Improved Appearance
  • Long Lasting
  • Protect Building’s Surfaces
  • Great For Masonry
  • Superior Adhesion

Guests can often be very critical. They typically expect a well maintained atmosphere, and a fresh coat of commercial paint can often do just enough to fulfill their expectations. Interior surfaces can go through a lot of wear and tear due to the high traffic in the environment. Therefore, a commercial painting contractor will want to select a paint that has great adhesion, can handle frequent washing, and not emit a strong odor. Water-based paints are a great solution for interior commercial painting jobs. They hold up great over time, and can even be washed if they get stained. They have practically no odor, so shut down doesn’t have to occur throughout the entire building due to noxious odors. And water based paints have an excellent adhesion, so peeling and failure are unlikely to occur as long as the surface is adequately prepared before the painting process begins.

Schools & Universities

  • High Traffic Tolerant
  • Sporting Complexes
  • Solvent/Odor Free
  • Cinder Block/Brick Coatings
  • Gymnasiums

Schools and universities are subject to heavy traffic. Walls can frequently get bumped, scraped, handled, touched, and smeared with contaminants. These conditions can lead to paint failures, or can stain the surface of a top coat. In these situations, a water based epoxy paint can be a good solution. Epoxy paint is durable and can handle abrasion, tolerating the heavy traffic school environments are often subject too. Although durable, epoxy paints will eventually amber. So if color retention is a preferred result, then a commercial painting contractor will select an acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are water based, so they don’t emit harsh odors. But acrylic paints can retain color over time, and still handle a good scrubbing from soap and water if they need to be cleaned. Masonry is a common material used to construct commercial buildings found on campuses. Although sturdy and solid for construction, brick and masonry creates a commercial painting challenge because of its porous surface. Masonry paint is a commercial grade paint that can be applied very heavily on surfaces. This heavy application will fill in the holes, preventing ‘pin holing’. Pin holing creates an access point for moisture and other contaminants that can lead to paint failure.


  • Sanitary
  • Easy To Clean
  • Solvent/Odor Free

Hospitals undergo a lot of cleaning, in order to upkeep its sanitation. Sanitary coatings can be applied to help discourage the growth of bacteria or viruses, and help sustain a clean environment. Prior to application, it is important that these specialty paints adhere properly to the surface. If the paint fails, then there it is more likely that these locations can harbor bacterial and viral growth. Due to the residency involved with hospitals, low-odor paints need to be applied. Most water based paints are odor free, making them ideal solutions for commercial painting contractors.

Service Locations

  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware

PennCoat, Inc. has been serving the Mid-Atlantic region for nearly 30 years. Located in Pennsylvania, PennCoat, Inc. has provided exceptional service in York, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, Lebanon, Lancaster, Chester, Berks, Lehigh, Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia Counties. Additionally, PennCoat has provided quality industrial service to the surrounding states of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey, in the Carroll, Baltimore, Harford, Cecil, Salem, Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington counties.