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PennCoat’s Epoxy Flooring Contractors Install Decorative Floors

Are you looking at the picture above and thinking how unsightly it is?  If you’re not, then maybe it’s because you haven’t seen a nice decorative floor finish.


Here’s a picture of a nice, decorative broadcast floor system.  And when you compare this picture to the previous one, it’s pretty obvious which one provides the superior presentation.  But these decorative floors aren’t easy to install.  When you compare this floor to the previous floor, the previous floor is a lot easier to install, and doesn’t require the same skill set that the decorative floor requires.  But don’t be intimidated.  Here’s the breakdown for how to install a decorative flooring system:

1. Install a double broadcast with ship or decorative sand.

Now, the actual first step is prepping the floor.  But that’s a whole new segment with flooring.  So moving forward, assuming that the floor has already been prepped, you’ll want to install your first layer of epoxy.  Then, broadcast you decorative aggregate.  We prefer 1/16″ micro-chip.  It looks like quartz/sand, but is much lighter, and easier to transport.  Then, after it’s cured, you’ll need to remove the remaining chip, and install a 2nd coat of epoxy.  After installing the epoxy, redistribute a 2nd broadcast onto the wet epoxy.  Allow the epoxy time to dry, then sweep away the excess micro chip.

2. Grout the decorative chip or sand

So your floor is primed, and ready to be sealed.  The more grout coats you apply, the smoother the floor will be.  In most situations, we install (2) grout coats of a polyaspartic.  (2) grout coats cover up the texture enough so that the floors are easy to clean, but they still maintain enough texture to help prevent slipping.  Additionally, we grout with polyaspartic because it is non-yellowing.  Epoxy was a very common material used for grouting, but the set back was that it would amber and would discolor the floor.  So polyaspartic has been crowned the new champion for grouting decorative flooring systems.

3. Install a top coat

Top coats can be a variety of products.  Sometimes people stick with epoxy, and other times, people will just use a 3rd polyaspartic as a top coat.  But the top coat we prefer is an aliphatic urethane.  Aliphatic urethanes are chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and non-yellowing, so that your decorative floors can maintain their clarity throughout their life-span.  But additionally, aliphatic urethanes can come in a satin finish.  Polyaspartics and epoxies are gloss, which will reflect every knick and imperfection in the floor.  So when you put a satin finish ontop of the floor, you can feel confident that your floors will remain great looking throughout the duration of their life.

PennCoat, Inc. has been providing industrial painting, commercial painting, epoxy flooring, and polished concrete services for nearly 30 years.  Our experienced installers are trained and equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to ensure that every installation is installed efficiently and safely.  PennCoat, Inc. provides service toPennsylvania,New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.  And we coverYork,Lancaster,Philadelphia,Chester,Montgomery,Baltimore,Harrisburg,Dauphin,Bucks,Berks, and other counties in the surrounding area.

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