Industrial Painting Contractors – Facility Painting To Stop Ceiling Corrossion

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When dealing with food and pharmaceutical plants, you can often run into corrosive cleaners.  The cleaners are required to ensure that any bacteria is completely cleaned from the surfaces and equipment that is used to prepare and cook the food.  But often these cleaners get exposed to the wrong areas, and can actually degrade and corrode some of the industrial coatings.  And in this case, at a condiment plant, this ceiling gets exposed to vinegar vapor, a strong acidic mist, that casually corrodes the building paint.

The Benefit of Industrial Painting Contractors

In situations like this, where the corrossion begins to penetrate through the architectural paint, you’ll need the proper assessment to ensure that the corrosion doesn’t spread, and that it doesn’t bleed through the new coatings.

And due to the acidic and caustic cleaners that’s required in this food manufacturing plant, the proper coatings needs to be applied.  And after assessing the situation, it appears that a (2) coats of Sherwin Williams MacroPoxy 646 will provide ideal coverage.

MacroPoxy is what we consider to be a work-horse epoxy.  It offers excellent adhesion, which is always a concern, especially in production areas that receive a lot of wash downs.  And in this situation, the ceiling panels have a coating on them that has a gloss finish.  Gloss finishes are much more difficult to adhere to, so using an urethane would not have been the best material.

Now, you could approach this situation in either 2 ways.  First, you could just roll (2) coats of MacroPoxy.  The MacroPoxy also offers and excellent chemical resistant that can withstand the caustic and acidic cleaners that are frequently used in this room.  However, the drawback is that all epoxies amber.  And this is no exception.  As long as the customer is ok with yellowed ceilings that don’t match with his white, clean walls, then this would be a good solution.

In the second option, you may want to consider a high-solids aliphatic urethane enamel.  General Polymers creates a product called Poly-Cote.  This aliphatic urethane offers excellent chemical resistance, is great for wash areas, and will not amber like the epoxy.  The draw back is that it doesn’t offer the greatest adhesion.  So, if you were to apply this, then you’d still want to use the MacroPoxy as the primer.  Then, apply this aliphatic urethane as your top coat.

And in this situation, the customer emphasized the need to maintain the while appearance.  So although the MacroPoxy will provide a more cost-effective solution, it falls short on appearance.  So the Poly-Cote is going to be the best coating system suggested by industrial painting contractors.