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Install Epoxy Floors With Aggressive Texture In Food Plants To Prevent Slip Hazards

I was contacted by one of our food manufacturing customers about some epoxy flooring solutions.  In one of their production lines, they use a lot of wafers.  But these wafers have a habit of crumbling onto the floor.  What this does is create a very slippery surface that could cause harm to anyone walking over the surface.  So the customer asked for a slip-resistant solution for wafer crumbs.

After a close examination, it was revealed that their existing floor did have texture.  It was grouted twice with epoxy, making a nice floor that ordinarily would have been slip resistant under wet conditions.  But these conditions with dry crumbs created a new level of slip hazards that required more than your standard texture.

Double ought sand is the common texture used in epoxy broadcast floors.  But when you need extra aggressive texture, you’ll want to look into 2ingle ought sand.  Single ought sand is nearly double the size of double ought sand.  And by adding a single grout coat, you’ll leave more sand exposed through the epoxy, allowing for a great slip-resistance.

Now, although this proves to be a safer floor, it does have its drawbacks.  And the biggest drawback is that it will be difficult to clean.  A lot of plants like to use mops to clean the areas.  However, if you have a floor with too much texture, then you won’t be able to clean in between the sand.  It creates too many peaks and valleys for the mop to adequately remove the dirt and debris that is wedged into the floor.

And considering the strict sanitation requirements that food plants must be upheld to, this is unacceptable.  But, if the facility has a floor scrubber, then they will be able to clean out the debris from the textured floor.  So, it will be my recommendation to the customer that they consider acquiring a floor scrubber for their daily sanitation.   That way, they can provide an increased level of safety, while maintaining the sanitation that the facility is required to uphold.

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