Rooftop Air Handler Units – Industrial & Commercial Painting by PennCoat, Inc.

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One of our favorite customers reached out to us regarding an industrial painting and commercial painting project.  Because they manufacture and produce candy, it is vital that their facility maintains a consistent temperature throughout the plant.  Any fluctuation outside of the required temperature range can jeopardize the quality and integrity of the candy.  Because of this need, the facility has many large air handler units lining the roof top.

However, the roof top is the best location for anything to reach exposure to the extreme elements of mother nature.

These air handle units have seen years worth of UV exposure and cold weather exposure.   As a result, the previous coating has either been completely or considerably removed.  And the commercial coating that is remaining has been adversely affected by the UV rays emitted by the sunlight.

Because the customer relies so heavily on these air handler units, the facility wanted to provide a protective coating that would help preserve the steel, which will help sustain the performance of the air handler units.

As with any coating project, the prep work is the most vital step.  Because the substrate was covered in failed coating, and exposed to numerous environmental elements like moss and fungus, we pressure washed all the units and their steel housing units.  The purpose was to remove any loose coatings that was still clinging to the substrate while removing any other obstructions that may prevent commercial grade adhesion.

After the prep was completed, it was time to apply one of our favorite outdoor products, a rust-inhibitive primer.  The rust inhibitive primer has excellent bondage with the substrate, and will cross-link into the steel, creating a superior bond than standard industrial primers.  Additionally, the rust inhibitive primer is moisture cured.  Meaning that any moisture that comes in contact with it, will only make the coating harder, allowing it to become a greater barrier against moisture exposure.

Once the primer was applied, it was important to select a commercial grade coating that could withstand exposure to sunlight, extreme temperature changes, and sitting water.  PennCoat ultimately selected a polyurethane elastomeric coating to coat the air handler units.  The polyurethane is a great product that can retain its color.  The elastomeric is strong enough to absorb many years or uv light without losing its elongation, while withstanding potable water, that can cause many coatings to fail.

The overall project lasted a few months, due to weather compliance and additional factors.  However, once completed, the air handlers units were now well protected from the weather and sun, helping the steel in expand its life-span.  Overall, the customer was very pleased, and PennCoat was once again able to provide a valuable coating solution to an industrial and commercial environment.

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