PennCoat Epoxy Flooring – Floor Lines & Stencils

PennCoat Epoxy Flooring – Floor Lines & Stencils

When working in pharmaceutical manufacturing, it is important to identify specific locations for where key products and ingredients need to be stored.  These floor lines help identify the locations for certain products, so that those operating in production, always know where they locate the material.  Floor lines and stencils are an excellent way to help ensure that material and products get placed into the correct areas.

However, lines can become problematic when installed in specific areas, due to surface contamination, or lack of prep.  When we were contacted by a pharmaceutical company about installing a new floor, they also requested lines with stencils.   The solution then became easy; install the lines with epoxy, on top of the epoxy floor.  The benefit of installing epoxy on top of epoxy is that the epoxies will create a chemical bond.  A chemical bond is much stronger than a mechanical bond, which is achieved when you simply apply tape to floors.

The first step was to install a 40mil system.

After the epoxy flooring was installed, we were able to tape off the areas where the new lines are to be installed.

After the safety yellow lines were installed, the owner requested that we use vinyl stencils to add content to the lines.  The vinyl stickers are only appropriate in foot-traffic areas.  In areas that receive fork lift traffic, vinyl stencils would not have been effective.   The appropriate solution would have been using epoxy on the lines.

And then, after installing the vinyl letters, the last step is to apply a coat of clear epoxy.  The clear epoxy embeds the the vinyl stencils, providing a greater wear resistance, which will allow the stencils to last longer for the customer.

Overall, each facility can benefit differently from lines, whether they are for aisle ways or product placement.  But, depending on how they are installed can predict the longevity the customer can expect from the installation.

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