Different Types of Construction Lifts for Industrial Painting Contractors

Get The Right Aerial Lift For A Successful Industrial Painting Project

Industrial painting contractors see Industrial and commercial painting projects in all different shapes and sizes.  Some projects are interior, while others are exterior.  Some areas are directly above your head, while others are disproportionately angled.  And some areas might be on uneven grass or gravel, while others are positioned beneath level concrete slabs.

But regardless of what type of project you’re trying to estimate and plan out, here are some of the most common aerial lifts that can benefit an industrial painting contractor.

  • Scissor Aerial Construction Lifts

Scissor lifts are an excellent tool for interior facilities.  Their wheels are hard rubber that are made for riding on smooth, hard surfaces. Their range of motion is limited to only up and down.  So you’ll need to make sure that there is enough open space beneath your desired work area, so that you can access the above substrate.

Scissors lifts come in a wide range of sizes, starting at 19′, as high as 40′.  They are typically the least expensive lift to rent, but keep in mind that they are also the least accessible, and require a lot of clearance in order to be practical.  Most facilities can provide the operational environments that they require, which makes them a great tool to have for common aerial projects.

  • Aerial Construction Boom Lifts

When your project’s enter the grout outdoors, a scissor lift is not longer a viable option.  Rough terrain is a critical hazard for lift work, and therefore, you’re lift will need to have the appropriate base weight and tire tred.  Boom lifts are built to to travel over grass, dirt, fields, and unlevel sidewalks and pavement.  Their base is heavy enough to provide enough weight to prevent the lift tipping while fully extended.

And because of the design features, industrial painting contractors are able to access surfaces, be extending the lift arm into angled positions.  The lift in the picture above is a 135′ boom lift.  The size and weight of this lift allows the arm to extend nearly 60 feet away from the base, allowing our industrial painting contractors to access the water tank based on the dock.

This 135′ boom is the largest available for rent.  They can come in 40′, 60′, 80′, and 120′.  But not only can they come in different sizes, but the offer different capabilities.  Personally, I prefer the lifts with the articulating arms.  This allows the lift to not only extend out, but also to rotate left or right.  This is great for maneuvering around round objects like water tanks or silos.

  • Aerial Construction Spider Lifts

Spider lifts are some of the most versatile lifts available.  They are compact, with wheels designed for interior floors, and capable of squeezing through small hallways and doorways.  But once these lifts unfold, they can access areal surfaces more than 80′ in the air.

These lifts utilize expandable legs that unfold from the sides.  Once all 4 reach the ground, they stabilize the lift, allowing the bucket to extend in whatever direction is desired by the operator.

Overall, aerial lifts are great tools for any industrial painting contractor.  Without them, many projects would rely on scaffolding, or dangerous rigging systems.  Lifts are the safest way to access difficult areas, and are utilized by many industrial painting contractors around the world.

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