Amusement Park Painting – Commercial Painting & Industrial Painting

One of our annual projects includes painting miscellaneous rides and equipment for a local amusement park.  These projects can prove to be an estimating challenge due to the complex and unusual nature of the substrates.  But although challenging, these projects often offer a unique change of scenery for the installers, which always brings out their best work.

45′ steel columns required pressure washing and repainting.  Upon original inspection, the existing coats appeared to only be painting towards the bottom (which was also the only place where I could closely examine).  However, while pressure washing, the columns began shedding all of their coats, exposing much more steel than I originally estimated.  This resulted in more hours to prep, more hours to clean the paint chips and residue, and more time to coat the increased amount of substrate.  The columns ended up going about 30 hours over budget.

The amusement park is also home to a large playground that is part of their water park.  The playground is constantly getting sprayed with chlorinated water.  Admittedly, it’s a fun area, but not so fun when attempting to estimate.  There are over 20 different colors and products, and practically impossible to quantify when the customer asks for miscellaneous touch ups.  Over-all, it was a very unique and complex project that required close communication between the installers and point of contact.

One of the flagship roller coasters gets a long waiting line.  So the park installed 5 pergolas for the visitors to wait under.  The pergolas were still solid, but the paint was beginning to show to wear.  We pressure washed the pergolas cautiously, so not to damage any of the wood framing.  Then we coated the pergolas with high-performance acrylic paint, so that it holds up against the summer sunlight.

And beside the pergolas was the waiting deck for the visitors, right before the aboard the roller coaster.  The challenge with the exterior portion of the waiting deck was accessing the area.  Access could only be reached from one side, and with the rail tracks in the way, we needed an 80′ boom lift to reach the t1-11 walls and trim.  We gently washed the substrate so not to damage any of the wood.  Then we applied high performance acrylic paint onto the substrate.  The t1-11 was very absorbent, and required more paint than was originally estimated for.  But regardless of the challenge, PennCoat’s experienced installers were able to apply enough material to adequately cover the surface.

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