Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring In Food Manufacturing

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring In Wash Down Areas

I was contacted by a previous customer at a food facility in Lancaster, PA.  This facility is creating a new wash area for its fork lifts.  So what they did was remove the previous floor, and install a steel curb.

As you look at the details in the picture, you can see that they anchored the new curb into the concrete.  Which is the best way to install a sound curb.  But, as you can see, the existing urethane cement floor was removed.  So the customer contacted me, to repair the areas.

When I went out for a site visit, I asked the customer what the area was going to be used for.  It was going to be a wash area for fork lifts.  And he said that the detergent used to wash the area can contain phosphoric acid at 5% concentrate.  Phosphoric acid as an aggressive cleaner, and most epoxies can’t tolerate cleaners with this much phosphoric acid.  So I proposed a novolac top coat.  Novolacs are phenol-formaldehyde resins that can tolerate high exposures to aggressive chemicals.  These types of epoxy are the best performing coatings against aggressive chemicals.

To begin the project, we prepped the floor by cleaning the dirt and debris from the exposed concrete.  Then, we troweled in a urethane cement mortar mix that blended in well with the surrounding floor.

In addition to troweling in the repaired areas, the customer wanted a 45 degree cant cove along the edge of the curb.  This will prevent sitting water from getting in between the floor and the curb, and helping to direct the water to flow towards the drain.

Once the urethane cement mortar was installed, and the cant cove was installed, it was time to install a top coat.  But, instead of installing a top coat directly on the urethane cement and existing floor, we installed an intermediate coat, to help hide imperfections that are on the current floor.  The intermediate coat is 100% solid epoxy.  We installed the intermediate coat at 20mils.

And once the intermediate coat was installed, the Novolac top coat was installed.  But in addition to the top coat, we backrolled some #54 aluminum oxide into the top coat.  Because the area is a wash area, it is a good idea to put some slip resistant texture into the floor.  So when the floor was completed, it was not only chemical resistant, but also slip-resistant.

Overall, it was a successful installation.  The epoxy floor offered adequate chemical resistance to their aggressive cleaners, and it offered enough texture to keep the workers safe from slipping.  And ultimately, the customer received an installation that met their needs, and fulfilled their expectations.

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