Structural Steel Painting in PA, MD, NJ, and DE

When you walk onto a job site, the first observations are large, steel structures, which manufacturers will often cover in various colors. While it might add some add an eye-catching appearance to an otherwise dull area, these structures must regularly meet specific legal requirements that call for coating and painting.

Understanding the nuances of these requirements will reduce the number of stressors that might make your life difficult down the road, and Penncoat maintains the knowledge and capabilities to complete your project the way you need it.

What Are the Legal Requirements for the Structural Steel Painting Process?

Structural Steel Painted Yellow

According to the American Institute of Steel Construction, contractor agreements will regularly determine whether or not you need to apply a shop paint coating.

That said, there are numerous circumstantial exceptions you’ll need to take note of, depending on your environment. Your structural steel can go unpainted if it possesses a contact-type fireproofing coating, is surrounded by a building finish or is in contact with concrete. If you enclose the steel, it’s better for long-term protection because primers can affect adhesion.

The one situation where the AISC calls for steel protection, through paint or other means, is an exposed exterior placement. Individual applications that require structural steel painting include paper-processing plants and oceanfront facilities.

By following these regulations closely, your company will avoid any potential legal headaches while keeping your structures protected for the foreseeable future.

What Are Other Benefits of Structural Steel Painting?

Utilizing iron and steel when fashioning structures yields multiple advantages, including superior strength, cost efficiency and malleability. As useful as they are, these materials also feature a lack of corrosion resistance, which can prove problematic in numerous fields.

They’ll both accumulate rust rapidly when under duress from chemicals, salty sea spray, corrosive mixtures and more. From cranes to trusses to gantries, we can improve your structure’s durability with a variety of different coatings and painting systems. We can utilize elastomeric coatings that flex with contracting steel to prevent cracking, as well as advanced epoxy systems to keep paint adhered to the material in underwater conditions.

Painting your steel structures also produce practical benefits. Color coating particular units can improve environmental safety by increasing visibility, and it will also help to identify differences between other structures.

When you decide to paint your existing structures, you can improve their overall condition, too. If the parts are partially rusted or corroded, we can help to determine if they’re salvageable or not. We’ll then strip the rust and apply an inhibitor that will help to keep the corrosion from returning.

Penncoat Will Handle Your Structural Steel Painting and More

As one of the leading structural steel painting contractors in the area, we will assist all kinds of factories and manufacturers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including those located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. We’ve been serving facilities from Lancaster and Harrisburg to Philadelphia and Baltmimore for over 30 years. Penncoat makes use of state-of-the-art equipment, fresh paints with low VOCs and painting experts who will accomplish every job with a focused, meticulous approach. Regardless of your needs or requirements, we will do whatever we can to meet your desires quickly and efficiently. If you’d like to schedule a structural steel painting session with Penncoat, contact us online today!