Heat Stack Painting in PA, MD, NJ, and DE

Blowing off steam is a helpful practice for any business owner, but it’s also a necessary one for your facility’s different stacks. Whether you have high stacks, flare stacks, smokestacks or incinerator stacks, they hold a vital role in many industries.

These structural features require frequent inspections and maintenance due to the heightened stress they encounter, and that includes various coatings. Penncoat will gladly handle your industrial heat stack painting requests, and we’ll produce results that few other contractors can match.

Find Heat Stack Painting Services That Handle the Circumstances

Various stacks will see temperatures that run from a typical 70 degrees to a scorching 2000 degrees. You’ll need special paint for applications that frequently perform near the higher end of the threshold, and we’re prepared to handle that obstacle.

High-temperature coatings usually feature ground mica, as the additive has proven to reduce chalking and ambering, as well as resist weathering, shrinking, moisture and other factors. It also increases color retention and adhesion, which can prove precious when heat stack painting usually lasts for a shorter amount of time than other coating jobs.

Our inflammable coatings will meet the necessary legal requirements, too. Depending on the temperature ranges, the layers can be epoxies, epoxy-novolac or epoxy-phenolic, silicone or other multi-polymeric compounds. We’ll carefully analyze your circumstances to determine the best course of action.

Of course, your stacks will require more than heatproofing. Repeated exposure to various environmental factors can cause hairline cracks in the stack’s substrate, so we’ll implement methods that also improve the following:

  • Waterproofing: From acid rain to acid condensation, we can produce high-performance coatings that shield the interior of your stacks and pipes.
  • Sunlight Resistance: High temperatures build up naturally from within, but sunlight can increase temperatures from the outside. Also, high UV exposure will contribute to the fading and chalking of your paint job, which might wear down safety markings, as well. You can commission light-reflecting coatings to increase solar durability.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Depending on the material, rust and cracks can quickly damage a stack’s overall integrity. You can lessen the effects of these stressors with coatings that form tight seals, keeping moisture, chemicals and salt away from sensitive substrates.

How Do We Safely Paint Heat Stacks and Smokestacks?

We possess a reliable track record and rigorously trained professionals, and we can handle tall, short, smooth or narrow stacks. Many other contractors cannot meet the scope of our capabilities.

Once we assess your needs and gain an understanding of your facility, we can outline a thorough plan of action. We will create a protected, stable scaffolding system with up-to-date rope access equipment. The riggings will easily support our team of workers at most standard heights while protecting your property from damage and shoddy workmanship.

We will customize our installation process in correlation with you, which will reduce downtime on your side while securing the safety of our workers.

Penncoat Offers Professional Heat Stack Painting

We’ve spent more than 30 years providing commercial and industrial paint solutions, which means you can trust Penncoat to handle your heat stack painting. From start to finish, we’ll work closely with any business operating throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including those located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. Your project will benefit from cutting-edge technology and fresh paints with low VOCs, as well trained professionals who understand the nuances of the industry.

To learn more about the possibility of heat stack painting, contact us online today!