Industrial Tank and Silo Painting in PA, MD, NJ, and DE

If you operate a company that deals in water treatment, petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or food, then you’ll likely understand how essential holding tanks and silos are for your long- and short-term production requirements.

Regardless of size or shape, you know these units represent a significant investment for your company, and losing any of them prematurely due to rust or corrosion would be unacceptable. If you’re searching for a reliable fix to a correctable concern, Penncoat has more than 30 years of experience with commercial and industrial painting. Our contractors will gladly handle your tank and silo painting, as we have the workforce and technology to fulfill practically any request.

How Can You Benefit From Tank and Silo Painting?

Industrial Silo Painting

Your tanks and silos will endure plenty of corrosive materials throughout their lifespans, and a durable coating will aid in resisting against those kinds of problems. Our professional tank and silo painting contractors handle issues from the inside or the outside, as common environmental concerns include:

  • Excessive Moisture: Continual exposure to sitting water, like rain puddles or snow, can de-laminate the surface and plant the seeds for the rapid deterioration of your storage tank. We utilize an epoxy solution in tandem with our paint to keep it adhered in these conditions.
  • Prolonged Sunlight: As you’ll often see with cars and house sidings, long-term exposure to sunlight can affect paint jobs. We apply a top coat of aliphatic urethane or polysiloxane, which is highly UV-resistant, to prevent chalking and ambering.
  • Heat and Cold Cycles: If you operate in an area that frequently sees oscillating temperatures throughout the year, those cycles cause metals to expand and contract, which works to weaken protective coatings. We have elastomeric coatings that contort with the metal without breaking, therefore producing a waterproof seal.

If you want to coat existing tanks and silos that might already show signs of corrosion, then you’ll immediately improve their condition with our process. We thoroughly clean the tanks and silos of imperfections before painting, which gets rid of threats while fortifying their defenses.

Your company can also benefit from painting your storage units in vivid, noticeable colors. The process is for more than aesthetics, as color-coding your tanks can assist with improving safety for your workers. It will help them to identify the containers and their corresponding function appropriately. It will also increase overall visibility, which can make a significant impact on vehicle operators.

If the storage units remain exclusively outdoors, we’ll utilize paints that protect against environmental factors and meet ecological regulations.

Trust Penncoat to Handle Your Tank and Silo Painting

From analyzing your needs to conducting thorough cleanings and applying your coating of choice, Penncoat will excel in every aspect of your project. If you require tank and silo painting, we assist relevant businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including those located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. We complete all of our jobs using cutting-edge technology and fresh paints with low VOCs, giving you results you can count on. PennCoat is the trusted industrial tank and silo painting contractor, serving Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region for over 30 years.

With competitive pricing and expert workmanship, you’ll be glad you partnered with us. To schedule a session or consultation, contact us online today.