Urethane Flooring in PA, NJ, MD and Beyond

You have a number of options when it comes to restoring and rejuvenating your floor, and one you may wish to consider is cementitious urethane flooring. If you’re curious about what makes urethane flooring systems unique, how they might benefit you and your business and how PennCoat can install urethane flooring in your NJ, MD or PA building, read on.

What Is Urethane Flooring?

Urethane flooring is an alternative or addition to epoxy flooring as a way to resurface and refresh your floor with a protective coating. Like an epoxy coating, urethane flooring can make your floor durable and scratch-resistant, give it an appealing shine and help it resist wear. However, it uses polyurethane to provide the coating rather than an epoxy resin.

What Are the Benefits of Urethane Flooring?

Because urethane coatings make floors highly resistant to chemical abrasion, temperature, moisture and other types of scratching or impact damage, they are a very popular choice for industries like food service, industrial manufacturing, etc. where floors are likely to be subjected to a considerable amount of wear and challenging environmental conditions.

Urethane coatings can also be antimicrobial, which makes them ideal for the foodservice industry as well as for places where disease can easily spread like schools and hospitals.

A urethane coating can provide your floor with a smooth, seamless surface that looks great, bears loads extremely well and is easy to keep clean.

Some companies may choose to resurface their concrete floor with an epoxy flooring treatment and then finish it with a urethane topcoat for ultimate floor protection that’s resistant to some of the harshest conditions.

How Does Urethane Flooring Work?

When you contact PennCoat for a urethane floor system, our flooring experts will come to your facility to prepare and smooth out your concrete floor. Then we will apply the urethane coating evenly over your entire concrete floor. If you have requested epoxy and urethane coating, we will apply the epoxy first and then cover it with a coat of polyurethane.

Once the coating dries, you will have a glossy, smooth floor surface that will resist most chemicals, acids, temperature extremes and other stresses you may subject it to during the course of your business day.

How Can I Get My Urethane Cement Floor Coating in MD, PA or NJ?

PennCoat frequently installs urethane cement floor coating in PA, NJ, MD and throughout the Mid-Atlantic. If your business is in an industry that requires durable floors, you may want to consider a urethane flooring system or adding a urethane coating to your epoxy flooring system. From Philadelphia to Baltimore or Central PA locations like Lancaster and Harrisburg, PennCoat is the trusted provider of epoxy resurfacing services.

To find out about urethane flooring system options for your company or to schedule a urethane flooring appointment, contact us at PennCoat today.