Anti-Slip Flooring Installation in PA, MD, NJ, and DE

What is the status of the flooring in your commercial facility? Do you have slip-resistant epoxy flooring in high-traffic areas? Commercial non-slip flooring can be a vital safety precaution, but it may even be legally required, depending upon your location and your industry. Here is what you need to know about industrial non-slip flooring.

What Is Commercial Slip-Resistant Flooring?

An industrial slip-resistant floor coating is typically an epoxy coating with a coarse additive mixed in to give the flooring a non-slip texture, but not all non-slip flooring textures are the same. For example, non-slip flooring for kitchens that are used commercially will require some of the most aggressive additives for texture. These floors are continually subjected to water as well as substances like grease and oil that dramatically reduce friction and increase the chances of a slip.

A warehouse that does not typically deal with liquid goods may not require as aggressive of a texture, since oil and other chemicals that reduce friction are not likely to be on the floor. These types of flooring will be coarse enough to prevent a slip on a dry surface or maybe with a standard amount of moisture, but they may not protect people walking on it from a major spill or a particularly slippery substance. Your non-slip flooring installers can help you determine what level of texture you will need for your slip-resistant epoxy flooring.

Some of the coarse material that can be added for texture may include colored quartz, silica sand, glass spheres, polypropylene spheres and aluminum oxide.

What Industries Require Non-Slip Flooring?

Even if you are not required to install non-slip flooring, if you operate in the following industries, it is highly recommended to reduce your liability exposure to potential accidents in your facility:

  • Food and beverage plants
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Avionics laboratories
  • Veterinary facilities
  • Vehicle maintenance bays
  • Hospitality industry locations
  • Grocery stores
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

This list is not inclusive. If you think your company may be required to have non-slip flooring, contact us to schedule an appointment or call your local building inspector to find out.

How Do I Get Non-Slip Flooring for My Business?

If you are located in PA, NJ, MD or anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic states, contact PennCoat for all your flooring needs. When you call us for your non-slip flooring, we will send highly trained professionals to your location to apply our time-tested epoxy floor coating. Our expert flooring installers are familiar with working in facilities in the region’s largest cities including Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Baltimore.

Once we prepare your concrete floor, we will evenly layer on the coating with the appropriate coarse aggregate mixed in. While this process requires professionals to do it correctly, it is a relatively fast process and should not interfere significantly with your company’s schedule — especially since we can usually schedule our work at a convenient time for you.

We can have a great-looking, commercial slip-resistant floor in your facility right away. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us online, and we’ll be in touch shortly.