Epoxy Resurfacing Services in PA, MD, NJ, and DE

Are there floors in your facility that require resurfacing? Damaged concrete floors not only look unattractive and can reflect poorly on a business, but they can also create a safety hazard. Epoxy resurfacing of concrete is an affordable and effective method of smoothing out your floors and giving them a more attractive, newer appearance, making your floor safer and fresher-looking.

Do I Need Concrete Floor Resurfacing in My MD, PA or other Mid-Atlantic Based Business?

No matter where your business is located, there are some signs that you need epoxy resurfacing. If you are running a manufacturing plant or warehouse, for example, you want to make sure your floors are always relatively smooth, light-reflective and tough enough to handle the regular foot traffic as well as carts or other equipment being moved around. If you have a concrete floor, it is inevitable that eventually, chips and cracks will start to form.

Do you need to call for epoxy resurfacing in Philadelphia or Baltimore the minute you see a few cracks? No, although you may decide you want to refresh your floor just to invigorate your facility. However, regular use, especially in industrial situations where heavy machinery and goods may be passing over the floor, can lead to noticeable pits and cracks in the concrete.

When this happens, not only do you have an ugly floor, but you also have a major safety hazard. Someone could put their foot in a pit or crack while carrying heavy goods, or a vehicle could drive over one and crash, resulting in a serious accident. It’s at this point that you want to opt for resurfacing right away.

How Does Epoxy Resurfacing Work?

Our epoxy resurfacing process is simple. After removing any existing coating, we will prepare the floor and fill in any cracks, holes, divots or other areas where the surface is uneven. Once we have evened out the floor, we apply our durable epoxy coating which covers the entire surface and seals the repair of the floor. Finally, we put on a clear top coat to further strengthen the coating and leave you with a floor that shines like new — or better than new.

We can customize the epoxy flooring to suit your needs, including providing select colors and patterns and making the coating extra slip-proof. When we are done, you’ll enjoy a floor that looks brand new and should last without any cracking or pitting under normal use for years.

Who Can I Call for Epoxy Resurfacing in NJ, PA or MD?

PennCoat is the established provider of epoxy flooring throughout the Mid-Atlantic. We have performed countless epoxy resurfacing projects in Lancaster, York, Mount Laurel, Harrisburg, Baltimore and more. We have the highly trained flooring professionals and the decades of experience to make sure we will leave your cracked and pitted concrete floor looking smooth, glossy and beautiful.

If your floor needs epoxy resurfacing in PA, NJ, MD or anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic, there’s no time to lose. Contact PennCoat to discuss options and schedule your epoxy concrete floor resurfacing today.