Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating in PA, MD, NJ, and DE

You’ve made the decision to get an epoxy floor coating for your business or facility, which is a great idea. It can give your floor a safer, smoother, more durable, more attractive surface.

But have you considered decorative epoxy floor coverings for your concrete floor? Perhaps you have heard of ideas like a chip flooring system, colored epoxy flooring or quartz epoxy flooring, but you aren’t sure how they work or if they are right for you. Here’s what you need to know about them.

What Is a Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating?

A decorative epoxy floor coating is a standard epoxy flooring with a little extra flair. Epoxy flooring already looks great and makes your floor extremely damage resistant, glossy and durable, but opting for a decorative epoxy floor coating will help your flooring stand out.

One of the most common types of decorative epoxy floor coating is the chip flooring system, also called the flake floor system. If you opt for this type, your decorative epoxy flooring professional will mix acrylic chips in with the epoxy coating. This is a process that requires a professional touch to make sure the chips blend in evenly, but the result, after a clear coat is applied, is a beautiful, sparkling, unique design in a pattern of your choosing.

If your goal for your decorative epoxy flooring is to repair or replace more than to enhance, many choose a colored quartz epoxy flooring. Epoxy quartz flooring is appropriate for locations that get a moderate amount of traffic, like bathrooms and some offices, and it comes in a range of colors to match the décor of the room it is in. We can also provide a variety of textures, including semi-smooth, fully smooth or slip-resistant.

Decorative epoxy flooring can be a great way to give an office waiting room, kitchen or other location that has become drab or boring a vibrant new look while also protecting your floor for years to come. Decorative epoxy flooring offers the same type of strength, protection and durability as traditional epoxy flooring.

Where Can I Find Quality Decorative Epoxy Flooring in PA, MD or NJ?

The place to go for any epoxy flooring, including decorative epoxy flooring in NJ, DE, PA, or throughout the Mid-Atlantic is PennCoat. We have been servicing the needs for all types of flooring, including decorative epoxy flooring in MD, NJ and beyond, for over 30 years, and we take great care to make sure your floor looks perfect every time. We can do the job quickly, efficiently, affordably and at your convenience.

Let us enhance your existing floor with a beautiful, durable, decorative epoxy flooring coating today. To learn more about your available options or to schedule top-of-the-line epoxy flooring service, contact us today.