Pharmaceutical Epoxy Flooring

While any business with concrete floors can usually benefit from a rejuvenating, restorative and protective treatment like epoxy flooring, pharmaceutical companies, in particular, can derive many benefits from quality floors.

PennCoat can provide companies with complete pharmaceutical flooring systems in MD, PA, NJ and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region that can provide significant advantages to your business.

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The Many Benefits of Pharmaceutical Flooring Systems

Not only are epoxy flooring systems beneficial to your pharmaceutical facility, but they may be required. The USDA has many very specific rules about what is necessary to safely maintain a physical pharmaceutical business, and an epoxy floor, which can dramatically improve the cleanliness and safety of your facility, may fulfill some of these requirements. For example, epoxy flooring and urethane cement floors can also provide anti-microbial protection, which may be crucial in a situation where contamination and lysteria can be a constant danger.

An epoxy floor will give your pharmaceutical building a seamless appearance and a shine that looks great, but it’s the way it protects your floor that is the real long-term benefit. Epoxy floors are highly-resistant to chemical, abrasion, corrosion and moisture — hazards that are a constant presence in a pharmaceutical facility.

When you finish your floor with an epoxy coating, you can be confident you will restore the concrete, and the smooth, clean look and finish of your new floor will last for years to come.

We can also customize your epoxy flooring to suit your particular pharmaceutical practices. For example, we can include various grades of anti-slip textures or anti-static grades to protect sensitive electronics or robotics.

How Does Pharmaceutical Epoxy Flooring Work?

Just call us to request epoxy flooring for your pharmaceutical facility, and we will do the rest. Once we determine your specific epoxy coating needs, our highly-trained professionals will prepare the surface of your existing floor and lay down a smooth, even coat of epoxy to cover everything and create a tough, durable surface. We finish it with a clear top coat for extra shine and protection.

Once the coatings dry, the floor will have a high-shine, give off no odor and be ready for traffic right away. This whole process typically takes a matter of hours, not days, so you can be back to full productivity very quickly.

Restore and Protect Your Floor With Pharmaceutical Flooring Systems in NJ, PA and MD

To truly protect your pharmaceutical floors, PennCoat is the only choice. Our pharmaceutical flooring systems in PA, NJ, MD and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region are installed by our highly-trained team, with years of experience in giving your pharmaceutical floor the look and protection it deserves.

We offer a wide range of epoxy flooring options, including colored quartz non-slip epoxy and epoxy in your choice of colors or patterns, which may include your company’s logo. To find out more details about how our pharmaceutical flooring systems work or to schedule installation, please get in touch with us today.