Food Manufacturing Flooring in PA, MD and NJ

Perhaps more so than any other, having clean, solid flooring in food manufacturing and food processing plants is critical. Food processing can get messy, and it is necessary to maintain sanitary conditions. If your food plant’s concrete floors are cracked, chipping or dirty, you need to address this problem right away.

When it comes to food manufacturing or food processing flooring in MD, NJ and PA, many companies opt for epoxy flooring. It can provide many advantages for your food manufacturing operation.

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Benefits of Epoxy Food Manufacturing Flooring in MD, NJ and PA

The first benefit of epoxy flooring for your food manufacturing or food processing business is that it will likely help you meet federal health and safety standards. An epoxy-coated floor is extremely easy to keep clean, and there are even antimicrobial epoxy flooring options that can help resist potential contamination. Additionally, urethane cement underlayments and flooring systems are naturally anti-microbial, which allows prevents rapid growth of lysteria and other common festations within plants.

In addition, an epoxy coating will make your food processing or manufacturing floor resistant to the many abrasive materials — oil, water, grease, etc. — that will inevitably fall on your floor during the course of the day. These materials are almost certain to damage a concrete floor, especially over repeated instances, but an epoxy floor will resist this type of damage.

An epoxy floor will also leave your food processing or manufacturing facility floor looking shiny, new and clean, which is exactly the image you want to project in the food industry.

How Does PennCoat Provide Food Manufacturing and Food Processing Flooring in NJ, PA and MD?

PennCoat provides superior epoxy coating to all manner of commercial flooring, including food manufacturing and food processing. Our team of trained flooring installers will arrive promptly, prepare your concrete floor for epoxy adhesion and smoothly apply the epoxy and top coat to give your food plant floor a beautiful, seamless finish, in the color and pattern of your choice.

We can mix in the right granular additives to provide texture upon your request, providing you with a no-slip surface for your floor, which can be key to helping prevent injuries from workers slipping on a wet or greasy floor.

Our epoxy flooring process is fast and dries with no odor, so you can get back to business quickly without distraction.

Epoxy Food Processing and Food Manufacturing Flooring in NJ, PA, MD and All Over the Mid-Atlantic Region

If you want great-looking, safer, easier-to-clean floors for your food processing or food manufacturing facility, in NJ, PA, MD or just about anywhere throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, PennCoat can help. Just contact us online and let us know what your specific flooring needs are.