Industrial Floor Line Painting in PA, MD, NJ, and DE

Do you need floor lines painted for your warehouse, manufacturing plant or another area where clear lines are necessary to help ensure safety? Depending on your industry and your location, floor lines made with safety striping paint may be required. Fortunately, PennCoat can help.

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Benefits of Floor Line Painting

The benefits of quality floor lines on your concrete warehouse or manufacturing plant floor is that they can dramatically improve safety at your facility. For example, red lines that mark a hazardous area will make it much less likely that a worker will stumble into such an area unaware and sustain a potentially serious injury.

If your industry involves workers using heavy machinery like driving forklifts, clear, comprehensible floor lines can help them get safely to their destination. Operators can follow the painted safety lines even if they can’t see everything directly in front of them.

The right kind of floor lines can also be used to increase your workflow efficiency, showing different workers exactly where they need to go and where not to go to perform their required tasks.

Industries Requiring Floor Line Painting

Certain industries are more likely to have safety line requirements for their facilities. However, even if they do not, it will be in the operation’s best interest to have them for protection against potential liability injury. These industries where safety striping paint can be most beneficial include:

  • Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aviation
  • And more

Any industry where people are working with heavy machinery, hazardous materials or vehicles is one where some kind of industrial floor line painting is crucial for the safety of your workers and your company. If you’re not sure if your industry requires warehouse floor striping or reflective concrete floor paint, contact us at PennCoat. We will help you determine what kind of safety striping paint you may need for your business.

Your Floor Striping Company in the Mid-Atlantic Region

When it comes to painting safety lines for businesses in areas like PA, MD and NJ, whether it is pedestrian walkway painting, warehouse floor line painting or related applications, the floor striping company you will want to contact is PennCoat. We’ve been striping the floors of warehouses from Harrisburg and Lancaster to Philadelphia and Baltmore for over 30 years. Our reflective concrete floor paint is ideal for maximizing the effectiveness of your floor safety lines, and our expert painters will give you clean, perfect lines every time.

In fact, we can offer you a complete epoxy flooring system that includes your company logo, stop signs, direction indicators and safety lines. This will leave your factory floor not only looking great, but it will also be dramatically safer. A protective coating ensures those safety lines and signs will stay in place and functional for a long time to come.

Get in touch with PennCoat for your industrial floor line painting, logo or sign painting and epoxy flooring services today.