Epoxy Floor Coating for Concrete Floors

If you have concrete floors in your facility, you may have received suggestions to invest in an epoxy floor or a clear coat concrete floor. Either of these options are a great way to protect your floors and make sure they last a long time. While there are a number of coatings you can add to protect and beautify your floor, epoxy coating remains one of the most popular.

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What Is Epoxy Coating for Concrete Floors?

Epoxy coating for concrete floors is the process of adding an epoxy resin to your existing concrete floor. This coating bonds to your concrete to create a protective layer that covers your floor and prevents impacts, scratching, the elements, chemical spills or other mishaps from damaging the floor. It also provides the floor with a smooth, seamless, even surface that looks shiny and new.

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring?

The benefits of epoxy flooring for your home or business can be dramatic. In addition to covering up cracks or holes in your floor and providing a seamless, even surface, epoxy-coated floors resist scratching, impact damage, chemical abrasion and general wear and tear — keeping them looking great for years.

It is a versatile coating that can come in a variety of textures for slip resistance and an array of colors and patterns to suit your desired décor.

Epoxy coating can be especially useful in industries where the floors get a great deal of traffic. For example, epoxy flooring for warehouse facilities is very popular. A warehouse epoxy floor coating can cover up the damage caused by the daily wear of workers moving goods and equipment back and forth as well as help make sure the floor is resistant to future damage.

What Are the Drawbacks of Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy coatings aren’t perfect and come with some limitations. The biggest one is that they are susceptible to vapor transmission through the concrete slab. Too much vapor can cause the coating to delaminate from the substrate. That delamination can slowly spread, causing the remaining floor to disbond.

Additionally, if too much vapor can also cause blisters in the coating. These blisters are usually filled with a collection of moisture. When reputured, moisture typically bleeds from them, and creates a weak point in the floor. This weak point is the first moment of coating failure than cause slowly or quickly spread throughout the surrounding floor.

How Do You Install Epoxy Flooring for a Concrete Floor?

When you contact PennCoat for epoxy flooring for your concrete floor, professional flooring experts will come to your home or business and examine your floor. We will prepare the existing floor so that the epoxy coating can adhere fully, leaving a smooth surface.

We then apply the epoxy evenly over the floor. At your request, we can provide a variety of colors, patterns and textures. Once the epoxy is dry, we add a clear coat for additional protection. The whole process takes only hours, and you can usually start making use of the floor the next day.

How Can I Get Industrial-Grade Epoxy Floor Coating for My PA, MD or NJ Business?

For epoxy floor coating in places like PA, MD, NJ and other Mid-Atlantic locations, the proven experts are PennCoat. We have been doing floors for over 30 years and know the best ways to efficiently and effectively apply the epoxy coating you need. If you’re ready for beautiful, durable floors for your home or business, contact us today.