Benefits of Polyaspartic Coatings

Applications Of Polyaspartic Coating
Polyaspartic represents a class of binders which combines low VOC properties with high productivity and at the same time maintains the quality requirements of the users. The binders can help in lowering cost in many different ways. Polyaspartic is basically an aliphatic polyurea, but the coatings based on polyaspartic differ, not only in application, but also in performance properties compared to other conventional polyureas.  Polyaspartic coatings were developed about 20 years ago for coating steel, in […]


Commercial And Industrial Painting – Oil based vs. Latex Paint

Paint Selection Basics – Difference between Oil-based and Latex
Commercial and industrial painting are two different industries, but one truth can be said about both. Small elements go a long way in changing the appearance of a place, and paint is surely one of those elements. If you are looking for some less expensive way to transform the appearance of your home or office, simply get the structure painted. But choosing any paint at random and getting it applied won’t […]


PennCoat Eliminates Safety Hazards at Job Sites

PennCoat Eliminates Safety Hazards at Job Sites 
penncoat safety team
Success or failure of any business is influenced by innumerable factors; some are direct while some indirect. Although the degree to which any of these factors influences a business may vary, these factors cannot be overlooked completely. From choosing the right location to maintaining safe working environment, keeping machinery in order to assessing and managing risks, every business needs to keep and maintain a safety check-list on all factors that affect […]


Before installing Epoxy or Urethane Floor Systems, Perform a Calcium Chloride Test

Calcium Chloride Testing
Calcium Chloride Testing is a test used to measure the amount of moisture vapor emitting through concrete. If you’re operating a food processing plant or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, you could be seeking an impervious floor coating to keep your operation easy to clean.  Or you could be processing or manufacturing anything else, and still be seeking an impervious floor coating.  Regardless of what you’re producing, an epoxy or urethane floor will improve the functionality of your floor, whether […]


PennCoat, Inc. compliments Epoxy Coatings with Aliphatic Urethane top coats.

Aliphatic Urethanes
Aliphatic urethanes are a top coating that provides an additionally layer of protection to epoxy floor systems and industrial paint coating systems.  It is tough and flexible, adding strength, abrasion resistance and protection.  Because of its resistance to UV, chemicals, and water, aliphatic urethanes are a popular choice for outdoor surfaces that are weathered or exposed to the deteriorating effects of UV sun light.
Breakdown of Aliphatic Urethanes:

Performance properties
Outdoor Usage

Performance Properties
Often, epoxy finishes are created to help maintain and […]


PennCoat, Inc. provides solution to Osmotic Blistering

Osmotic Blistering
Osmotic blistering can be one of the biggest concerns for coating installers.  However, regardless of its disastrous effects, there are preventive measures that experienced coating applicants can apply.
Breakdown of Osmotic Blistering, and preventive solutions:

What is osmotic blistering?
How does osmotic blistering damage floor system applications?
How do coating specialists prevent this floor system disaster?

Osmotic blistering is an invisible enemy for almost all coating applications.  It is damaging and costly.  When searching for a coating application installer, it is important to […]


Urethane Cement installed by PennCoat Inc – Easy Solutions for Tough Environments

Urethane Cement
Because of its strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals, Urethane Cement proves to be the most resourceful floor coating system for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
Breakdown of industrial benefits:
–          Durability – recommended for medium to heavy duty applications
–          Excellent chemical and stain resistance
–          Slip-resistant
–          Heat resistant
–          Application
When a coating company provides 25 years of optimum service, it naturally learns that there are more effective applications than others.  Food and pharmaceutical facilities and plants always pose a […]


The nitty gritty of Industrial and Commercial Painting

It’s easy to overlook and underestimate the value and importance of commercial and industrial painting. Often times, while walking into a brand new doctor’s office, or a recently constructed mall, the color, texture, and presentation of the floors, walls, and ceiling can be unappreciated. And for the untrained eye, that could be considered a good thing. How often to you take notice of properly done trade work that you’re not familiar with? The only time it would be noticeable […]