Commercial Polished Concrete Flooring in PA, MD, NJ, and DE

If you have concrete floors in your business facility, you know how difficult they can be to care for. With all the traffic that goes across your floors each day, they can quickly become worn down, leaving pits, cracks and other signs of deterioration.

There are a number of steps you can take to repair your floor, but one popular option is to contact polished concrete flooring contractors. In NJ, PA, MD and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, PennCoat often performs concrete polishing services to restore and beautify commercial office buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses with durable industrial polished concrete floors. We’ve been trusted by facility managers in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore to provide expert commercial polished concrete flooring solutions for over 30 years.

What Are the Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors?

Simple Maintenance Polished concrete is easy to maintain. Its smooth and impervious surface makes cleaning simple and requires minimal upkeep to sustain its durability.
Improved Light Reflection Polished concrete offers a strong luster with its finish. The luster reflects lighting in plants and facilities, helping to improve the overall lighting within the plant.
Eliminates Dust The polished concrete process transforms the surface of a concrete slab from a dusty substrate, to a high-luster impervious finish, that won't wear down from industrial traffic.
Extreme Durability Polished concrete utilizes the chemical compounds of the concrete slab, by introducing a reactive substance that hardens the concrete, improving its durability and strength.
no Coatings Required Polished concrete is a coating free installation, requiring less maintenance, offering more reflection and durability than standard floor coating-systems.

There are many useful benefits to polishing your concrete floor. For one, concrete polished floors are much lower maintenance than unpolished floors, which means they stay looking great without requiring a lot of time-consuming and expensive attention. There is no need for waxing or adding additional coatings unless you want to. You can keep a polished concrete floor clean with just an occasional wet mopping.

A polished concrete floor is also a tougher surface that resists being nicked or cracked by heavy foot traffic and even heavy machinery like forklifts driving over it. Also, because the floor does not need to be sealed, it can breathe and is not subject to moisture issues.

Finally, polished concrete is highly light-reflective, which keeps your building brighter and gives you an overall more professional appearance. PennCoat, Inc. offers high-quality polished concrete contractors in York, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Wilkes Barre, Lehighton, Baltimore and other major areas throughout PA, MD and NJ.

What Do Polished Concrete Floor Companies Do?

Concrete polishing involves an extensive surface preparation process of smoothing out any chips, cracks or other sources of unevenness, then buffing the surface to give it an attractive shine and create a restored appearance for your floor. The concrete polishing process leaves behind a smooth surface that is durable and efficient.

First, our expert polished concrete contractors fill any holes or cracks that are currently on the floor to create a more even surface. Once that is complete, we grind the surface of the concrete in successive grinding steps using diamond blades. Which diamond tooling we use will depend on the hardness level of the existing concrete. Once we have ground off the top level of the concrete and have a more even surface, we add a concrete densifier to harden the surface that has been softened by our grinding. After the densifier hardens, the actual polishing begins.

Using resin grits, we polish the concrete to your specifications — everything from a slightly shiny finish to a look that resembles glass, depending on your needs. We then use polishing pads to finish off the process, leaving you with a smooth, shiny concrete floor surface.

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